Recapping 2010 Stuntfest Car Show

Jun 8, 2010

On June 6th, I attended my first Stuntfest Show. Like I previously mentioned, I missed last years because of Big Kuntry's video shoot (Shameless Grand Hustle plug). But I attended this year, despite the hot weather and the distance.

This year was different: The Stuntworld guys held the show at the Atlanta Motor Speedway, and to put a show in that type of location, you know there had to be more than 20 cars there. And there were...

I was far from disappointed. There were so many cars there that kept my attention, and there was never a dull moment. Just when you thought you were done walking around the area, you had to walk back through because more and more customized cars kept coming. There were very few cars that had just wheels and tires. (Don't you hate it when you go to shows and it's nothing but factory cars with rims???)

There was so much going on, and so many guys showing off their audio systems that it was hard for me to get interviews. I managed to get two at the show, but I did collect phone numbers and told them that I want to get a shoot and an interview out of them, so stay tuned for that.

The cars were so interesting that I didn't even pay attention to whoever was on stage. I didn't see Rosci from 106&Park (but she was there), I didn't see J-Nicks and Emperor Searcy from Hot 107.9 (but they were there), I wasn't paying attention to Lil' Hot and I wasn't about to pay attention to some chick rapping about her "onion booty" especially if I got my own. Trust me, that song will not be a part of "Ridin Music".

But I did stumble across Young Dro and friends... They spent most of their time by the media area, but before they parked a Maserati and a fully customized Dodge Challenger that was once *coughs to cover name*, they decided to do donuts in an open lot in front of Henry County Police and yes, Bernie was in the Challenger on the passenger side.

But the best part of the show wasn't just the cars, but it had to do with Young Dro. A 9 year old boy found out that Dro was gonna be there, so his mother took him to see him. The boy had a kidney transplant at the age of 3, and all he wanted to do is to see his favorite rapper. So not only did he get to see Dro, but he met him, got to perform with him, got to rock Dro's Chains (Actually the P$C chain was MacBoney's, but that's too much info), and Dro gave him some money. He was so happy, and to me, that was the best part.

All in all, it was a good car show. It would have been better if I would have gotten my Media Credentials, but I was able to basically get all the media benefits that was worth getting. Maybe I should brag about knowing people like most photographers do, and then I could get them faster. At least I got my credentials for Funkmaster Flex, but that's only because I'm going in with.... (Sorry, Bernie's not big on name dropping. But you'll see.)

To see the rest of Bernie's photos, just click here (2010 Stuntfest Car Show) and it'll take you right there

P.S. There was a Charger there with my favorite wheels (Asanti AF 143) that I want, but I didn't see if it was a dude driving it. You can't say that it was a girl's car because it's purple. It was only 5 years ago when a rapper from Harlem, whom we all know and love, had a pink Range Rover.

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  1. Thanks for coming out and showin us love!


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