Kevin Hart's Commercial for the New Ford Explorer

Mar 31, 2011

First Nelly, now Kevin Hart has a commercial promoting the new Ford Explorer.

Smart move on Ford's part for hiring a comedian. Thank goodness they didn't hire Andrew Dice Clay...

My Road Trip Buddy...

Mar 30, 2011

Did you really think I was going to talk about a person???

When I fly into a city, I always rent a car. Even when I fly into New York and want to travel to Long Island, I still rent a car.

Los Angeles is a city that is spread out, so you need a car. While nursing a heartbreak in LA, I knew that I shouldn't spend my time in a city crying to my friends about a certain person. Especially if that person that I was heartbroken over is from LA, that's even worse. I knew I was going to rent a car and most car rental places allow unlimited miles within certain states. When I went to Vegas for SEMA, I had fun. So I did what most normal people wouldn't do. I went to Avis at LAX, got myself a Mustang, and drove to Vegas...

Mind you, I'm 5'2, and spur of the road trips for a female (by herself) in an area that you've never been to isn't exactly the safest thing to do. But I did it anyway, and had fun doing it. I made it to Vegas safely and I made it back to LA just as safe as well.

My road trip companion happened to be the 2010 Ford Mustang 5.0 GT. I've proven that I have a knowledge of cars, and I'm familiar with Mustangs, but I've never been behind the wheel of one. The one thing I learned from this trip would be what makes Mustangs so popular.

As I was driving, I've noticed that I was getting a little too much attention in this car. Guys stopping what they're doing to see me drive by in this fine white American machinery. On the Vegas Strip, a 10 year old boy gave me the thumbs up of approval. As I was passing other Mustangs on the road, I saw how theirs was different- how mine has the 5.0 badging on the side fenders and on the rear logo, mine said GT and theirs had the Mustang horse. And that's when I discovered that I didn't have just any ol Mustang. I had the one that was slightly beneath the Mustang Shelby Edition.

Let's talk specs...

Engine V-8, 6-speed automatic
Type 5.0L 4V Ti-VCT V-8
Horsepower 412 @ 7,000 rpm (est.)
Horsepower per liter 82.4
Torque 390 lb.-ft. @ 4,250 rpm (est.)
Recommended fuel 91 octane (unleaded 87 octane minimum)
Fuel capacity 16 gallons
Wheelbase 107.1 inches
Overall length 188.1 inches
Overall width 73.9 inches
Overall height 55.8 inches
Fuel Economy (city/hwy) 17/25 (est.)

As a car that I wasn't familiar with, it really wasn't a bad car for a road trip. For a V-8, it really wasn't bad on gas. It was comfortable, and most importantly, Jay-Z sounded great coming out of the speakers. I gained a newfound respect for the Ford Mustang, and it didn't hurt that I was driving the Mustang 5.0 GT. Funkmaster Flex would be so proud. And did I mention that this car cost less than $100 a day? I've rented a lot of cars, but this was honestly the best one.

P.S. And yes, I was sitting on Pirelli's.

Dub Changed Their Car Show Schedule!!!

Mar 22, 2011

Instead of Dub having the Atlanta tour stop in the middle of summer, they kindly pushed it up to April. Thank goodness. Either way, I'll be there...

It's that time of the year again.

Mar 21, 2011

Before I begin, I know I haven't been updating this blog as much as I wanted to. All that has changed, especially because...

It is officially car show season!!!!

That's right, the season we've all been waiting for is finally here. That means: more car show coverage, more interviews, and definitely more cars. Sadly, since the price of gas is getting higher and higher, it's forcing me to streamline the shows that I show up to.


This season, I would love to NOT see the following:

No customization of cars where it looks like a five year old did it. Meaning: no frayed fabric, no visible glue, crappy graphics on the exterior, etc. For examples, please view the photos from the 2010 King of Kingz Easter Car Show

No misspellings of words in the interior and exterior of your vehicle. For examples, please view the photos from the 2010 V-103 Car and Bike Show

Do not disrespect your vehicle by putting anything that has to do with the Boston Red Sox. For examples, please view the photos from the 2010 Z Nationals

Finally, please, PLEASE know how to put on a car show. Do not make it seem like your show is the show of the season, and then when the show comes around, it's nothing. For examples, please view the posts from The Only Annual Peachfest "Car Show" as well as King of the Streets 2010 Summerfest "Car Show". Get it together...

Stay tuned for more photos.

Bernie's Top 5 Concept Car Picks from the Geneva Auto Show

Mar 14, 2011

Yesterday, the 81st annual Geneva Auto Show ended. It is always hosted at the Geneva Palexpo, a convention center located next to the Geneva Cointrin International Airport in Switzerland. The Geneva Auto Show is one of the biggest Auto Shows in the world, and it forces automakers to bring out their top projects for the public to view and for me to critique.

Every year, there's a large amount of vehicles that debuts. Most of them are production vehicles, a.k.a. ideas that were green-lit to be sold to the general public, and my favorite- concept cars. I'm going to get into my favorite vehicles that made its debut, but for now, it's concept car time.

Before I begin, let me tell you what a concept car is. According to the great folks at wikipedia, "A concept vehicle or show vehicle is a car prototype made to showcase a concept, new styling and new technology. They are often shown at motor shows to gauge customer reaction to new and radical designs which may or may not have a chance of being produced." Think of when the Chrysler Imperial was suppose to come out as a more top of the line version (also a better version) of the Chrysler 300.

So I took a look at the concept vehicles that made its debut this year and I came up with my top 5 that I'm supporting... for now.

The Toyota FT-86 II Concept... I like this because of the design and also because it would be a good look for Toyota. Since they've scraped both the Celica and the Solara (I was mad over the Solara), Toyota doesn't have any sports cars. Yeah, you can say that there's Scion and Lexus, but Toyota itself, doesn't have one. And no, the Camry Sport doesn't count, because no matter how much horsepower you add to it, it's still a family sedan. And most importantly, it'll still be a practical sports car.

Volkswagen Microbus Concept Car. Doesn't it look familiar? Well VW did introduce this vehicle in the 60s, and they did drive a vehicle like this in Scooby Doo. But this version is completely modernized and I love it... We all know that I'm a bit eccentric, so my liking something like this wouldn't be anything new.

The Jaguar XE. I'm in love with the design. The shape is crazy, especially in the silver pictured above. It looks like a refined version of the Porsche Panamera. I need something like this in my life, but knowing me, I'll get some crazy speeding tickets in it, and the last thing I would need is a suspended license. The once thing I don't like is that it is so low to the ground. Imagine driving on the Cross Bronx Expressway in this. What a way to tear up the undercarriage. **Sad face**

Even though this next car is rather small, I still featured it.

The Alfa Romeo 4C Concept, and I'm really not an exotic car person. On top of that, this is a four cylinder sports car (is there really such a thing?) that puts off 200 horsepower. Technically, I could out race this car with my GMC Envoy. But there's something about this car that I like. Probably because it looks cute, like a VW Beetle. The Alfa Romeo 4C is a cute concept car.

I gave you three sports car and a van, so I'm sure that an SUV has to be somewhere.

And here it is...

Although it looks like all of the other Range Rover Sports, the Range_e Concept is rather different. According to the good folks at Land Rover, with a total output of 334-hp and a top speed of around 120 mph, the Range_e averages a fuel-economy of 71 mpg and 690 miles of driving on a full tank. The Range_e also has the same full 4WD capability as the standard Range Rover Sport. Need I say more? I do like the Range_e, but I'm in love with the Range Rover Evoque.

Because I have such great taste, there's rumors going around that all five of these fine vehicles will hit the assembly line. Please note that I'm adding "To Attend the Geneva Auto Show" on my list of goals, right behind "To Attend the Tokyo Auto Salon" and "Climbing to the top of the Empire State Building"

Hey You'se Guys... Wanna Win a Porsche Cayman?

Mar 11, 2011

All you'se have to do is to "Like" the Falken Tire page on facebook for your chance to win... To have the opportunity, just click on the photo above.

That's all there is to it. Good luck...

Aston Martin Boss Confirms Lagonda’s Rebirth... and It Looks GREAT!!!

Mar 10, 2011

According to, Aston Martin CEO Dr. Ulrich Bez has confirmed that the company will indeed bring back the Lagonda brand, saying it was ‘go’ and that it ‘will not stand on one leg.’ Aston Martin is currently seeking financial backing for the Lagonda project and is also looking for a partner to provide platfrom and drivetrain technologies. Future Lagonda models will be all-wheel-drive SUVs and will target markets like China and Russia.

“Aston Martin is present in 35 countries but there are limits to where you can drive a sports car,” said Janette Green, Aston’s director of brand communications in an interview with AutoCar. “In Russia, for example, you need a car that can cope with difficult roads and harsh winters.” Bez said that the Lagonda range will span from $160,000 to $486,000 USD, helping it establish a new market for super-luxury SUVs.

As far as the Lagonda SUV Concept that received a bunch of negative press chief designer Reichman said “that was a reaction car. Iwas about provoking debate and gauging whether people were willing to accept Lagonda as a brand.” He said that 60 percent of people think that Lagonda is a viable brand but shouldn’t look like the Lagonda SUV Concept.

In the past, the Lagonda looked nothing like the Concept vehicle above. In fact, it was a four door sedan that was in production 1976-1989. No matter what year it came out, the Lagonda looked hideous, so I consider the new and improved Lagonda a major improvement.

Don't believe me?

I'll take my dad's former 1987 Maroon Chevy Celebrity over that one.

Birdman's New Maybach 62

Mar 7, 2011


Need I say more?

CES Wheels Involved in the Creation of Q in Transformers 3

Mar 2, 2011

In anticipation of the upcoming release of the summer blockbuster, Transformers 3; Dark of the Moon, CES Wheels is proud to announce its involvement in creating the newest character, Q.

Long time CEC customer and acclaimed Director/Producer, Michael Bay contacted Claus Ettensberger (Founder of CEC) a while back to help design the newest Autobot for the upcoming action thriller. With a base Mercedes E550 as the platform, CEC went to work transforming 2 identical stock sedans into Decepticon killers with style. The conversion included a new custom blue paint job, specifically chosen by Michael Bay, to make the character really stand out. The CEC enhancements incorporated a custom aerodynamic kit, front spoiler, side skirts, rear skirt, decklid spoiler, fenders, suspension and exhaust system. The stock wheels/tires were replaced with 20” CEC C725 forged wheels (20x8.5” front, 20x10” rear) and Michelin PS2 tires (245/30R20 front, 285/30R20).

I'm in love with that color of this Mercedes. This is a sneak peek of one of the cars that will be in theaters July 1st, 2011.

KICKER Teams Up With Subaru For Audio Upgrades

Mar 1, 2011

KICKER® Performance Audio recently announced that it will partner with auto manufacturer Subaru® of America, Inc. to supply Subaru customers with original equipment (OE) upgrades in specific models. The high-performance Subaru audio upgrades made by KICKER are compatible with all 2008-2011 Impreza™ sedans, Impreza WRX™ sedans, 2011 WRX STI™ sedans, and all 2008-2011 Impreza, Impreza WRX and WRX STI 5-door™ vehicles with navigation or non-navigation audio

“KICKER is ecstatic to be included in Subaru’s plans going forward,” said Chuck Jones, KICKER Director of OEM. “We believe this fusion of progressing brands should create plenty of excitement in the showroom and on the road.”

The audio system includes a 10-inch powered subwoofer in a molded enclosure made to fit in the trunk or cargo area of the specific model, leaving plenty of trunk cargo space available. The subwoofer is powered by an integrated 100-watt, high-efficiency digital amplifier that is tuned to specifically match the size of the enclosure. The result is deep, powerful bass from a small space, enhancing overall performance and accuracy system-wide. The amplifier connects into the existing Subaru audio system using a true plug-and-play wire harness.

The audio upgrade kits are now available through Subaru dealerships. The upgrade kit may either be installed at the factory port processing facility or at the dealership prior to delivery. MSRP on the subwoofer upgrade is $499.99.
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