My Road Trip Buddy...

Mar 30, 2011

Did you really think I was going to talk about a person???

When I fly into a city, I always rent a car. Even when I fly into New York and want to travel to Long Island, I still rent a car.

Los Angeles is a city that is spread out, so you need a car. While nursing a heartbreak in LA, I knew that I shouldn't spend my time in a city crying to my friends about a certain person. Especially if that person that I was heartbroken over is from LA, that's even worse. I knew I was going to rent a car and most car rental places allow unlimited miles within certain states. When I went to Vegas for SEMA, I had fun. So I did what most normal people wouldn't do. I went to Avis at LAX, got myself a Mustang, and drove to Vegas...

Mind you, I'm 5'2, and spur of the road trips for a female (by herself) in an area that you've never been to isn't exactly the safest thing to do. But I did it anyway, and had fun doing it. I made it to Vegas safely and I made it back to LA just as safe as well.

My road trip companion happened to be the 2010 Ford Mustang 5.0 GT. I've proven that I have a knowledge of cars, and I'm familiar with Mustangs, but I've never been behind the wheel of one. The one thing I learned from this trip would be what makes Mustangs so popular.

As I was driving, I've noticed that I was getting a little too much attention in this car. Guys stopping what they're doing to see me drive by in this fine white American machinery. On the Vegas Strip, a 10 year old boy gave me the thumbs up of approval. As I was passing other Mustangs on the road, I saw how theirs was different- how mine has the 5.0 badging on the side fenders and on the rear logo, mine said GT and theirs had the Mustang horse. And that's when I discovered that I didn't have just any ol Mustang. I had the one that was slightly beneath the Mustang Shelby Edition.

Let's talk specs...

Engine V-8, 6-speed automatic
Type 5.0L 4V Ti-VCT V-8
Horsepower 412 @ 7,000 rpm (est.)
Horsepower per liter 82.4
Torque 390 lb.-ft. @ 4,250 rpm (est.)
Recommended fuel 91 octane (unleaded 87 octane minimum)
Fuel capacity 16 gallons
Wheelbase 107.1 inches
Overall length 188.1 inches
Overall width 73.9 inches
Overall height 55.8 inches
Fuel Economy (city/hwy) 17/25 (est.)

As a car that I wasn't familiar with, it really wasn't a bad car for a road trip. For a V-8, it really wasn't bad on gas. It was comfortable, and most importantly, Jay-Z sounded great coming out of the speakers. I gained a newfound respect for the Ford Mustang, and it didn't hurt that I was driving the Mustang 5.0 GT. Funkmaster Flex would be so proud. And did I mention that this car cost less than $100 a day? I've rented a lot of cars, but this was honestly the best one.

P.S. And yes, I was sitting on Pirelli's.

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