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Jul 31, 2013

Instagram has become a great way for customizers to show off new projects that they've done, car shows they're at, or random things that they're up to. I'm getting my feet wet more and more with instagram, and it's a great way to show instant car show coverage of wherever I am. The last photo I've added on instagram was a photo of a Chevy Camaro's engine.

I follow some great people/companies on Instagram, so I'm going to show off some of their pics from yesterday. Hopefully I can keep doing the Carstagram review, because pic of the day is too hard. There's so many great cars to choose from.

My favorite wheel and tire company, Butler Tire (@butlertire), released a photo of a fully customized Hummer H2. Customizations include matte black wrap, custom Fuel Offroad Wheels, Toyo Tires, Rhino Lines bumpers and trim and full exhaust system.

Forgiato Wheel Company (@forgiato) released a photo of a gorgeous dual tone BMW X6. Not only is this X6 both glossy and matte, a Hamann body kit was added, and we can't forget about the Forgiato F2.16 ECL Wheels.

One of Miami's big three, Exclusive Motoring (@exclusivemotoring) released a photo of an Audi A7 with smoked lights, black roof and accents, and lowered the Audi and he's now wearing custom color matched 22" XO Wheels. If you're wondering which shops are included in Miami's big three, keep scrolling.

Orlando's own, Ultimate Auto (@ultimateautoboutique) posted a sneek peek of what they're bringing to SEMA (which is roughly 3 months away). Get to work guys, because I can't wait to see it.

Fellow female in this Automotive game, Aimee Shackelford (@petrolgirl) took a photo of a hot rod as she was at In and Out Burger. I discovered the greatness that is In and Out Burger on one of my trips to LA. They don't have it in the South, and definitely not in New York.

Wide Body King (@wide_body_king) posted this repost of Dub Magazine (@DubMagazine). I can't wait to go to the Dub Car Show in Anaheim because I honestly have respect and became a fan of Jae Bueno's work. I know the tribute will be as great as his work, and I know that his wife, Stephanie, will continue capturing the art of lowriders.

Another one of Miami's big three, MC Customs (@mccustomsmiami), released a collage of a Nissan GTR ($100,000 car before customizations) sitting on Vellano Wheels. MC Customs has the highest percentage of MLB players as their clientele (extremely smart. MLB has guaranteed contracts), and this GTR belongs to Florida Marlins' Jose Fernandez. P.S. MC Customs also customizes Robinson Cano's vehicles.

Cars of Atlanta (@carsofatlanta) FINALLY updated their instagram by showing off an Aston Martin Rapide that they changed the wheels and tires for. This Rapide is now wearing 22 inch Forgiato Maglia ECL brushed face, chrome lipped wheels wrapped in Toyo Tires. Can I just tell you how happy that they're actually showing off their work?

The final shop that rounds out Miami's big three... The Auto Firm (@theautofirm) shows off a 2013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited that was converted into the first SRT8. From there, they replaced the engine, upgraded the transmission, full brembo brake system, full exhaust, 6" lift kit, custom SRT8 interior, Audison Hertz Sound system, led lights, full custom paint, body kit, AND it's sitting on Fuel Wheels. Thank goodness Alex isn't shy about showing off the great work that the Auto Firm produces.

Asanti Wheels (@asantiwheels) shows off a throwback photo of a fully customized Hummer H2 wearing my favorite wheels of all time, the Asanti AF143. Yes I like rims that look like flowers.

Savini Forged Wheels (@saviniwheels) posted a photo of an Audi S8 wearing their SV37-S wheels.

And rounding out the picture feed, Butler Tire (@butlertire) had a visitor yesterday, Block of Block Ent (@bigblockesc). Butler Tire has done a lot, if not all, of Block's vehicles- including that Camaro he's sitting on and his recently retired Caprice Cutlass better known as the Donkasaurus. Those color matched Savini's do look good.

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Ultimate Auto Shows off an Audi R8

Jul 29, 2013

The guys at Ultimate Auto released photos of an Audi R8 that they subtly customized. This 2013 R8 Spyder V10 is wearing 20 inch Vellano wheels wrapped in Pirelli tires with painted red calipers. They've also added an Escort 9500CI radar and laser detection and Llumar ceramic window film.

Butler Tire Shows off a Bentley Mulsanne on Forgiatos

Butler Tire does it again. Georgia's favorite wheels and tire shop released photos of a Bentley Mulsanne sitting on Forgiato wheels. However, these wheels aren't just any old Forgiato wheels. This Mulsanne is wearing 24 inch Forgiato's capolavaro three piece wheels in 24 karat gold. Check this out...

Bernie's Car Show Coverage: 2013 Dub Car Show: Atlanta

Jul 25, 2013

This past weekend, the Dub Magazine Car Show Tour finally stopped to Atlanta. However, this year's show was a little different. The past two years, they held the show in a smaller venue, but this time, they've brought it back to the Georgia International Convention Center (by the airport), and filled the room up with cars, cars, cars, some food vendors, a stage for the performances, and yes, some more cars. That's enough of my talking, so on with the photos.

House of Toyz from North Carolina brought a GMC Sierra, sitting on some 32 inch Forgiato Wheels with a nice black and white custom interior.

I like when they bring toy cars to match the real thing.

I didn't know "Raider Nation" was that hardcore. I've met some faux hardcore fans and very few of the real thing. Of course, they're nothing like Yankees fans.

Can't have a car show in Atlanta without a Chevy Chevelle SS

This Ford Mustang GT from 706 Motorsports definitely had heads turning.

706 Motorsports also brought this Ford F-150 Pickup truck filled with TVs and plenty of sound. And yes, they really did put multiple screens in the ceiling AND in the wheelwell.

 This photo was cute, even though he didn't want to smile.

This Oldsmobile Cutlass is sitting on Forgiato wheels with the matching Forgiato steering wheel.

Yes!!!! This Chevy Camaro SS is sitting gorgeously on my favorite wheels- Asanti AF 143s.

Another headturner for the day (aside from myself) a chromed out Chevy Corvette sitting on Forgiato Wheels.

This Forgiato award winning Chevy Camaro is a advertisement on four wheels.

One of my favorites of the show: a Dodge Challenger with a gorgeous cameleon colored paint job.

Duece and a quarter...

Can't have a car show without lowriders either.

This Caprice Classic was completely customized.


The Snoop De Ville

More Models!!!

Dave brought his newly recustomized Chevy Avalanche along with...

... She's so cute in her mini matching Chevy Avalanche.

Dub brought some lovely models who were signing many, many copies of their calendar.

There's just soooooooooooooo much more that I want to show off, but if you want to see the rest, go to my Dub Car Show: Atlanta gallery.

P.S. In a few weeks, I'll be back in Los Angeles area attending Dub Car Show Tour Stop of Anaheim located at Angels Stadium.
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