Bernie's Car Show Coverage: Photos from the 2017 King of the South Mega Show

Jul 21, 2017

On a hot July 16th (exactly one day after the V-103 Car and Bike Show), the good guys at Street Whipz held their famous King of the South mega show. Held at the Atlanta Motor Speedway, car enthusiasts got to show off what their cars are made of in three ways- how the car looks, how it performs on the race track, and how it sounds- meaning the audio systems.

Best in show...
In a nutshell, there were a lot of vehicles with excellent paint jobs and wraps, a lot of vehicles on Forgiato, Amani Forged, and Dub Wheels, there were donks, donks, and more donks, plenty of Ang's family members (Ang is short for Angela, which is the name of my Dodge Charger and by family members, I mean other Dodge Chargers and Challengers), there was even a pickup truck that had tile installed on the floor, a lot of Box Chevys, and one more thing- there were a lot of donks there. I basically described 85% of the show in one small paragraph.

The most important thing is that I had a great time and I'll be back next year. To see the rest of the photos, check out Bernie's 2017 King of the South Mega Show gallery.

Bernie's Car Show Coverage: Photos from the 2017 V103 Car and Bike Show

On July 15th, Atlanta radio station V103 had their annual Car and Bike Show. Held at the Georgia World Congress Center in Downtown Atlanta, The V103 Car and Bike Show always gives spectators a two-for-one special- meaning they get to look at some great looking cars and enjoy live entertainment from such acts like Wale, Sevyn Streeter, Crime Mob, and more.

The Pink Trap House is going on the road...
Of course, this is an automotive blog so I’m only going to touch on the vehicles. The spectators had the opportunity of checking out the cars that ride around the streets of Atlanta and some adjacent cities… Plenty of donks, plenty of muscle cars, plenty of old schools cars, a couple of exotics and luxury cars, enough to keep the crowd to entertained for hours.

To see the rest of the photos, check out Bernie's 2017 V-103 Car and Bike Show gallery.

Bernie's Car Show Coverage: Individuals Car Club Anniversary Picnic

Jul 7, 2017

Last weekend, the Atlanta chapter of the Individuals Car Club celebrated their anniversary. The celebration started Friday, June 30th with a Meet and Greet, Saturday June 1st was the car show (which I missed due to the weather), and after Caffeine and Octane (July 2nd), the Individuals Car Club put on a nice family picnic.... with plenty of eye candy.

Although it was the Atlanta anniversary celebration, members from all over the country came to celebrate. And by all over the country, I mean- Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, California (of course), Florida, South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Texas, Kentucky, Alabama, and the most important state- New York (What? You thought I was going to say Georgia...). Even though it was the Individuals Car Club anniversary picnic, other car clubs showed their support as well. I hope I have all the clubs- but what I could see- Latin Low, Chino Loco, Justified, Street Mentality, Obsession, Majestics, Low Life, and Royal Legacy clubs came out and made this picnic a show to enjoy.

As we all know, I do love a good car show and I also have a special place in my heart for lowriders. To see the rest of the photos, check out Bernie's Individuals Car Club Anniversary Picnic gallery. And yes, I'm still mad at myself for missing the car show.

Bernie's Car Show Coverage: Caffeine and Octane: July 2017

Jul 6, 2017

On a hot 4th of July weekend, Caffeine and Octane held their seventh extravaganza of 2017. Held at the Perimeter Mall outside of Atlanta in Dunwoody, Georgia, Caffeine and Octane allows car enthusiasts from all over to bring their cars and to show them off.

Last month's extravaganza really proved how much Caffeine and Octane has grown, especially from the Alpharetta era. Despite the weather, it didn't stop the enthusiasts from bringing their prized possessions and it didn't stop the crowd from enjoying the cars... even in the rain. I'm holding this month's extravaganza with the same high regard as last month. In the past, attendance tends to taper off due to the holiday weekends (mostly Independence Day and Labor Day weekend) and people do go out of town. The past was clearly in the past and July's extravaganza was packed.

The trunk display of the Ford Excursion customized by CarTunes of Atlanta
In one parking area, spectators had the opportunity to gaze, photograph, and chat about the widest array of cars. From a variety of army trucks- one of which was parked next to a Rolls Royce Ghost (talk about a random pairing), a chameleon inspired McLaren, a bloody Hummer, an Excursion that could literally provide enough music for the actual show, plenty of cars that were in stance mode, a Dodge Charger that was seasoned enough to be my Dodge Charger's grandfather, lowriders provided by the Individual Car Club celebrating their anniversary (more on their anniversary will be in the next post), a high amount of exotic and good ol' American muscle cars, and most importantly...

The Ford Super Duty truck that was so massive, you couldn't help but see it.

Before I unveil the photos, I referred to Caffeine and Octane as an extravaganza. According to Webster's dictionary, an extravaganza is a very large and exciting show or event. To see the rest of the photos, check out Bernie's Caffeine and Octane: July 2017 gallery.
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