Bernie's Car Show Coverage: 2013 V-103 Car and Bike Show

Jun 25, 2013

(the entrance to all of the goodies... aka the cars and bikes)

June 22nd was the 10th Anniversary of the V-103 Car and Bike Show, held at the Georgia World Congress Center. This year's show was a lot stronger than last year- better entertainment provided by Young Dro, TI, Ne-Yo, Ace Hood, Wale, Fabolous, and Ludacris, a larger crowd, and of course, better cars. Yes, the cars that were in the show this year were far better than last year. There were some that I've seen before, but most of them, I've hadn't seen before.

Thankfully I had a media pass, and if I would have known that they would have let me in before the doors opened to the public, I would have shown up an hour before instead of 15 mins before. Either way, I have some great pics to show off...

The great people of Butler Tire provided the vehicles for the celebrity row. It's only right that they provided the cars simply because they have the largest celebrity clientele in Atlanta. A close up of what they provided...

Joe Johnson's Dodge Challenger is back!!!!

Calvin Johnson's Porsche Panamera

*Disclaimer* Butler Tire supplied the cars, they were not responsible of the misspelling of Young Jeezy's name.

Remember the days when Chevy Camaros had this particular body? The owner held on to it, and added some 3-D Customizations to it.

No matter what part of the country I'm covering a show in, a car show will not be complete without a lowrider...

This Charger had every color painted on it.

Candy red coated Chevy Pickup

This Orange Chevy Camaro SS definitely turned a lot of heads....

Gorgeous silver and carolina blue Bentley Continental GT. However...

This Bentley Continental GT stole the show. And this particular car and I have one major thing in common. We're both came to Atlanta from Long Island, NY. But I cleaned up the license plate cause the owner was wondering why I photographed it...

I love, love, LOVE a blacked out vehicle. But what threw me off with this Dodge Challenger is the red headlights...

Jason of ATL Autosport brought his blacked out Jeep

Three the hard way.

Block used this show to retire his Donkasaurus. He had a nice little run with it...

Aside from the Celebrity Row, Butler Tire had another spot with some more eye candy that includes...

(Still think this shade of blue is beyond gorgeous.)

Along with...

... Yes, Butler Tire was one of the very few vendors that brought models.

This bike confused some people because they thought it was Marilyn Monroe. It's really Coco, and you can tell by her jawline.

One of V-103's radio personalities, Big Tigger

And finally... it's a sad, sad day when Benzino is more famous for being on Love and Hip Hop compared to what he's done before that.  But this isn't a music blog...

Go to my 2013 V-103 Car and Bike Show Coverage gallery to check out the rest of the photos...

The number 1 rule at every car show, especially when there's a lot of people under the age of 17 at a show!!!!

Bernie's Car Show Coverage: Pre V-103 Car and Bike Show Party Hosted by Greg Street and Butler Tire

Jun 24, 2013

Last Thursday was the kickoff to the V-103 Car and Bike Show Weekend. The Atlanta radio station teamed up with Atlanta's favorite tire shop and put together a pre car and bike show party. At Butler Tire's Austell location, there was a mix between Butler Tire customers and fans of the radio station, great music, barbecque cookout (can't forget about the food), and of course some great looking cars and bikes. Even though the Austell location is the furthest away from my house, I was happy that I get to show off some of the pics that I took...

The host for the party, V-103's own DJ Greg Street.

First off... Butler Tire had about 12 cars tucked away in their garage, and being the rebel that I am, I jumped over the chains to get my shots. Okay, I'm lying. One of the Butler Tire guys, Antwan, let me go behind the chains to get better photos. I had to get in some tight corners to get the shots I want, and at the same time, be mindful of the expensive tire balancing equipment I was around.

I'm in love with the color of this Porsche Panamera.

Porsche 911 resting comfortably on Savini Forged Wheels.

Can-Am on Forgiato Wheels.

It's official, I've seen this Chevy Camaro SS and Dodge Challenger more than I've seen the owner of them, Brooklyn Nets' Joe Johnson. The seats of the Dodge Challenger looks uber comfortable.

Another piece of eye candy. Matte black BMW M6.

 In front of the building, Lexani Wheels brought their showroom on wheels and also...

Two Sunshine Yellow Ferraris: One was a 458, the other was a 599.

But the party began (In my eyes anyway) when this pulled up... a chromed out Bentley Flying Spur.

And let's not leave out the Bentley Mulsanne on Forgiato wheels. Personally, I'm not a fan of the Mulsanne, or any boxy luxury car. It's like a bad mashup between the Arnage and the Flying Spur. But if you like it, I love it.

 Lineup of Camaros

... But this Camaro was completely customized.

The top of the wheelwell of this big ol' Ford pickup truck comes to the top of my head.

Auto Extremes from Conyers brought a customized Rolls Royce. However, the best feature of all is in the trunk, which would make this RR a party on wheels.

Click here to check out the rest of the photos from the Pre-V-103 Car and Bike Show Party gallery. There's just a few more photos I have to add. My Car Show Coverage from the V-103 Car and Bike Show will be up tomorrow.
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