The 2015 Dub Magazine Car Show Schedule... Version one.

Nov 26, 2014

While I was at SEMA, I was able to get my hands on the latest Dub Magazine. Inside the magazine... you guessed it, was the 2015 Dub Magazine Car Show Schedule. I titled this post with the words "Version 1" because the schedule does change- cities are added and cities are also dropped. Enough talking, here's the schedule...

January 8-11- San Jose, CA at San Jose Convention Center as a part of the San Jose Auto Show
January 17-25- Detroit, MI at Cobo Hall as a part of the North American International Auto Show
January 31- February 8- Philadelphia, PA at the Pennsylvania Convention Center as a part of the Philadelphia Auto Show
February 5-8- Portland, OR at the Oregon Convention Center as a part of the Portland International Auto Show.
March 1- Los Angeles, CA at the Los Angeles Convention Center
April 10-12- The Greatest City of All... New York, NY at the Jacob Javits Convention Center as a part of the New York International Auto Show.
June 14- Dallas, TX at Dallas Convention Center
August 1- Phoenix, AZ at Phoenix Convention Center
September 20- Anaheim, CA at Angels of Anaheim Stadium
November 3-6- Las Vegas, NVat Las Vegas Convention Center as a part of SEMA

Thoughts after seeing this schedule... I was shocked that San Jose and Portland have an auto show. Also, I definitely know that this is a tentative schedule because I do not see Miami on this schedule. After last year's turnout and security tactics enforced, I don't expect Dub to come back to Atlanta. However, Dallas can't be the only Southern city for the 2015 Tour. I really want to go to Phoenix. I do want to go to Dallas for a car show, but I rather go there for Forgiato Fest or the Los Magnificos shows

Expect updates throughout the year, because I have a feeling one more city will be added. Regardless, I will be attending the last two Dub shows of the year.

Bernie's Car Show Coverage: Caffeine and Exotics- November 2014

Nov 24, 2014

Taking a break from the SEMA Coverage to post coverage from the final Caffeine and Exotics of 2014. Held at Lenox Square Mall in the Buckhead section of Atlanta, Caffeine and Exotics is the show where you want to see all exotics and luxury cars under one roof-- I mean-- in one parking lot.

The final show of the year didn't fall short by far. Normally there's one star of the show, but this month had two stars.

The first star(s) were the twin black BMW i8s that showed up at the show. For many of the attendees it was their first time seeing the i8s, but fortunately I was able to see it when BMW debuted it at the New York Auto Show earlier this year. New York saw it in April. Atlanta... November. Just being honest.

The other stars of the show was these two Lotus Espirits. The backstory to these Espirits is that they were in the 1977 James Bond film "The Spy Who Loved Me". The Espirit on the left was featured in the land scenes and the one on the right was for the underwater scenes. More photos are below...

I love stuff like this. Let's continue with the rest of the show.

This post wasn't as photo heavy as it usually is. I was still focusing on my SEMA coverage at the time. For more photos, check out Bernie's November 2014 Caffeine and Exotics Gallery.

Bernie's Car Show Coverage: 2014 SEMA Show Day 3

Nov 18, 2014

My SEMA Coverage continues with Day 3. On this day, my main focus went towards the models. Models are a huge part of every car show and SEMA is no exception. One thing about the models that I do enjoy is that they're all very nice- considering that they have to stand on their feet all day and have to smile though some of the craziest comments that I'm sure they get from some of the SEMA attendees. And if crazy comments were said towards yours truly, then I know that the models definitely heard some strange things.

Also, I still was able to cover some ground and still photographed some great cars...

I really loved this Jeep Wrangler. Instead of the traditional chrome, it has brushed aluminum accents.

I enjoyed photographing her. She knows how to move. It burns my heart when I photograph models at car shows and they're so stiff.

This is one busy pickup truck.

LOVE the color.

Per my caption on Instagram "Kissing Cousins in the Pirelli Tire booth"

I enjoyed photographing her as well. None of the models were mean at all, however she *points above* was the nicest of them all.


Liberty Walk was everywhere.

Love her tattoo sleeve.

I really just wanted to show this car off again.

This was one wiiiiiddddeeee Chevy Camaro ZL1.

To see more photos, check out Bernie's 2014 SEMA Coverage: Day 3 gallery. The final day is coming soon.

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