380,000 Legos is enough to build a Ford Explorer

Sep 28, 2011

Legoland Orlando is the proud owner of a lifesized Ford Explorer... made of 382,858 legos. According to Ford, the Ford Explorer Lego version was created by 22 designers and weighs 2,654 pounds. It is supported by a 768-pound interior aluminum base.

The Lego SUV will be set up in front of the Ford Driving School for children at the new theme park. Kids as young as three can attend, where they will learn "the difference between the accelerator and the brake — and move on to stoplights and stop signs," said Ford in a statement.

"Children then have the opportunity to drive in their own electric vehicles on curbed roads with maximum speed limits of 3 mph," said the automaker.

The common wisdom in the auto industry is that if you can win over a child, that child will aspire to own your products when he or she grows up. Porsche famously sent its ad agency into California kindergartens in the past to figure out what kids wanted to drive. Of course, they all drew pictures of red convertibles when given crayons and paper and asked to create their dream ride.

Check out the time lapse of the creation below...

I love fun stuff like this, but then again I'm still a kid at heart.

Johan Santana's Mercedes Benz S600

(Note: This is the BEFORE photo)

While strolling on Facebook, I came across some hot photos. Johan Santana, pitcher of the lesser loved of the two New York MLB teams, went to MC Customs of Miami to get his Mercedes Benz S600 fully customized. I love how MC Customs does a play by play of all of the customizations through photography. Check out the photos...

Even with that body kit and excessive side vents, this Mercedes S600 looks GOOD!!! I wonder if MC Customs tinkered with the interior?

P.S. I confess: I had to wikipedia to find out his position that he plays on the Mets. Who really follows the Mets other than those who are from Queens and Nassau Counties? I know I could care less about the Mets...

ADV.1 Wheels shows off an Enzo...

ADV.1 Wheels had the opportunity of adding some professional touches to a Ferrari Enzo. ADV.1 states "The wheel setup was completely our choice so we opted to go with one of our new styles for 2012 release. The ADV5.2SL which is a modified version of our existing ADV5.2 style, however this is the fat free version. 3 styles will be released using our superlight weight reduction process including this one shown in our 3 piece track spec configuration. The lightweight model is vehicle specific in terms of design and load rating in order to get the lowest possible weight based on the load rating of the vehicle it’s intended for. In this case the Enzo, however without enough time to engineer them to be as light as they really could be by testing sample pieces for load rating analysis this set was beefed up for safety purposes. We have however done so with the 1 piece version which has shown results under 18 pounds in some sizes / applications such as the Lamborghini Gallardo 18×12 race setup.

For the Enzo, we knew that only one tire was going to provide the epicness it deserved, the Pirelli 375/20/21 rear. We contacted Jason at Pirelli tires and without hesitation he had a complete set on it’s way to us, huge thanks to Pirelli Tires for coming through on this project. The wheel was designed around the massive rear in a 21×13 size with a 20×8.5 front using their 245/30/20. The wheel finish was our popular polished gunmetal lip / matte black center combination for this project as it’s subtle yet at the same time different from what you’d normally see."

Lexani Wheels shows off a Volkswagen CC

Lexani just released shots of a Volkswagen CC wearing Lexani 20″ LSS-55 Wheels, with custom Black/White with white ring finish. 20×9 in the front & 20×10 in the rear. Check out some photos...

Guess what ADV.1 Wheels will be the first wheel company to do?

Sep 27, 2011

ADV.1 Wheels was presented with an opportunity that is also a major challenge as well. A client wants the company to create an aftermarket wheel for a Bugatti Veyron, the problem is... no company has ever made them for this particular car. The amazing part about the whole thing is that the owner is very aware of all of the issues and is willing to do whatever it takes to get this done.

According to Matt of ADV.1 Wheels, "We’ve been researching this for a couple weeks now and before accepting the job I wanted to make absolutely sure that we could engineer a 100% oem compatible wheel without any possibility of damaging the car or causing any safety issues.

We’ve had multiple inquires from Veyron owners but none of them were the right type of customer for something like this due to the insanely strict control Bugatti has on any modifications done to these cars. it’s impressive how much precaution they take to avoid liability and any safety risk, I can fully understand their position though. If someone unqualified were to change a tire on this thing and then the owner tries to break the sound barrier and a wheel falls off imagine the liability they might have to deal with if someone gets hurt. We’re the same way with our wheels, we don’t allow anyone to disassemble them and / or refinish them for the same reason, if they’re not rebuilt properly someone can get hurt and we’re potentially responsible."

To finish reading the story, head here.

Forgiato Shows off Carbon Fiber Dieci-Ecl Wheels

The ever-so-popular Forgiato Wheels released a twist to their Dieci-Ecl Wheels. The wheels are available in different finishes and one available finish happens to be carbon fiber. Check it out in greater detail...

ADV.1 Wheels Shows off a Rolls Royce Ghost

The wheel company with the best photography, ADV.1 Wheels, released shots of a Rolls Royce Ghost wearing 22″ set of ADV08 Deep Concave wheels with a brushed center spoke and a polished lip. For ADV.1, these photos stand out because normally racing imports and some SUVs usually wear their brand of shoes. Either way, they're happy since a different type of vehicle is sporting their wheels and I'm happy because I get to look at great photography... well, other than my own.

Concept One Wheels shows off a Chevy Camaro SS AND a Ford Mustang 5.0 GT

Sep 23, 2011

Concept One Wheels released photos of a Camaro SS as well as Ford Mustang.

The Chevy Camaro SS is wearing Concept One CS-5.0 20x9 & 20x10.5 Wheels...

While the Ford Mustang 5.0 GT is wearing Concept One RS-55 20x8.5 & 20x10 Wheels...

Commercial: Derek Jeter and Ford Presents...

Ford spent major dollars and signed this guy as eye candy for their commercials. The commercials always end up as adorable 45 seconds advertisements that almost make you forget what he's selling. I'm sure Red Sox fans are hating me right about now.

You know by not living in NY, I'm missing all of the great commercials. And for old times sake...

Coming soon: Robinson Cano's Home Run Derby Jeep

(Cute Photo, but the watermark is killing it. Great shallow depth of field. That's photography talk, just smile and nod...)

I'm sure some of you may have heard, but the world's greatest New York Yankees are the 2011 AL East Champions. In honor of that as well as other things, I decided to compose a post on someone. My Ray of Sunshine (other than a certain West Coast Rapper) happens to be Robinson Cano, second baseman of the New York Yankees as well as the 2011 Home Run Derby Champion.

Awhile ago, I created a post about what Cano drives (Ferrari California and Porsche Panamera). However, I stumbled across a project in the works: A 2011 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon customized as a celebratory gift for him. Miami customizers to the stars, MC Customs, are still working hard on the project and haven't released details about the customizations, but I did find photos...

More photos are coming soon!!! Judging from the photos, you can tell what customizations are being done to it, but a detailed list would be so much better...

Photos: MC

Forgiato Presents New Floating Caps

Sep 22, 2011

Forgiato Wheels just released a video of their new product- Forgiato Grassetto wheels with the caps on. You can replace any of your standard Forgiato caps with new Forgiato floating caps. Check it out....

Car Show Coverage: 2011 Dub Car Show: Miami

First of all, who took these photos? Normally, Dub is on point with their photography but they totally missed the ball on this gallery. Either the composition is wrong on so many levels and/or the focal point is off. I see like other magazines, you have to know someone in order to get a job. It doesn't matter what your skill set is.

(The host of the car show, but I'm wondering why she's wearing the wig)

The Dub Car Show Tour continues and they made an important stop to Miami. Forgiato Wheels, Lexani/Asanti Wheels, and MC Customs had a huge presence there as well as some great fully customized vehicles. Check out some of the snapshots...

I really hope that a kid took these photos. Let me stop before someone labels me as arrogant at a car show again. To see the rest of the photos, go to their gallery on flickr
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