Bernie’s Favorite: Victoria Beckham and the new “Posh” Range Rover Evoque

Apr 30, 2012

(Photo: Land Rover)

Victoria Beckham teamed up with Range Rover and finally unveiled the special edition Range Rover Evoque in Bejing, China. Borrowing style hues from her husband, David, this particular limited edition Evoque is as equally stylish as she is.

I said that Victoria borrowed the design aspect from David because she did say that “I wanted to design a car David and I would want to drive. I want everyone who gets in to feel special.” Also, the customization specs equal to what David has done to his vehicles in the past (i.e. The Porsche 911 and Rolls Royce Phantom).

The customization specs goes as follows: the first-ever Land Rover to feature hand-finished matte paint – offset by Santorini gloss black details and special 20-inch gloss-black forged alloy wheels with rose-gold accents. There’s also a rose-gold plated grille surround and badging.

Inside, Land Rover Spices it up with semi-aniline leather seats, door inserts and armrests and, yes, more rose-gold accents. The look is complemented with black lacquered veneers, textured aluminum and soft-feel black finishes.
 Basically it’s matte black paint, with black wheels, and a black interior.

Vanity Fair Magazine was lucky enough to sit down with Victoria and asked her a few questions about cars.

Why is the Range Rover Evoque the right choice for a Victoria Beckham special edition?
Victoria Beckham: I’ve driven a Range Rover for as long as I can remember, and I have a lot of respect for Range Rover as a brand and for their heritage. So I think it feels very natural. I think that people will look at the car, and they’ll obviously see Range Rover, but they’ll also see me. It looks like me. I joked the other day—I had a matte-black crocodile structured handbag with me, and I looked at the bag and I looked at the car, and I said, “The car looks like a bag on wheels.” It’s very me. It’s very, very me.

One of the ways that we can chart the various stages in a person’s life is through their cars. So tell me about your cars. What was your first car? 
My first-ever car, my parents bought me a red Fiat Uno. I was 17 and just so happy to have a car, so I was very fortunate that my parents were in a position to get me one—it was a secondhand car, but I was just so happy to have it. And my mum, to make it extra special for me, sprayed the hubcaps red.
And what do you drive now? 
I drive a Range Rover Sport. I love things that look great, but I love the practicality as well. I’ve got four kids. [Brooklyn, 13; Romeo, 9; Cruz, 7; Harper, 9 months.] I’ve got to put a stroller in the back of my car. I drive my kids to school every day; I drive everywhere. I love my Range Rover. But David’s trying to make me sell my Range Rover.

Each of the limited run of 200, English-made, four-wheel-drive coupes will cost around $90,000, and sadly, only 5 will be sold in the US.

I love it. Now I’m just waiting for Kimora Lee Simmons to come out with a special edition vehicle.

Bernie's Favorite: Butler Tire releases photos of a Blacked Out BMW 650i

Apr 23, 2012

Butler Tire sent me photos of the BMW 650i that I LOVED the most. This BMW 650i was outfitted with Lexani LSS5 Wheels in 22 inches and Full Custom Body Kit. I've said it many, many times on my blog, I LOVE COMPLETELY BLACKED OUT VEHICLES. A completely blacked out vehicle must meet the following criteria: the body of the vehicle has to be 100% black, wheels: Black, top of the car: black, headlights: Smoked out, tail lights: Smoked out, dark limo tint-- or close to it, and the interior- duh, black. And this BMW meets the requirements.

Thank you Butler Tire.

Just when Justin Bieber is doing so well...

(Photo by

He does something to set him back. I admit, I liked the Cadillac, Range Rover, and the Fisker Karma, however, the Smart Car...

(Photo: X17 Online)

I mean, most cars look good with matte paint/wrap on them, but not all. Anyhow, Young Bieber was out and about in Los Angeles, and was photographed driving a glorified golf cart. According to Smart USA Insider, the following customizations have been done: Custom Matte Black Paint Job, Kuhl FX Body Kit, Side Air Scoop by Panimex, LED Driving Lights by S-Mann, Blacked out BRABUS like Headlights, Custom Lowering Springs, Custom Wheels and Continental Tires, Turbo Kit Upgrade, Custom Interior, Custom Sound System, and much more...

And I'm pretty sure that West Coast Customs did the custom work. But the Biebs really killed the moment by dubbing it the Swag Car.

I'm sorry, but I can't take the Smart Car seriously. It has 71 horsepower. Hence it's a glorified golf cart. At least a Fiat can hold four people. I really wish he would have gotten a Fiat.

Mr Cartoon talks LA Car Culture with Rob Kardashian

The guys at Sanctiond Car Care (Mister Cartoon and 'em) released a video about Rob Kardashian as he talks about LA Car Culture. He talks other stuff as well, but we're only touching on the car aspect. But I do love tattoos as much as the next person, seeing how I have a Yankees one. Watch the video, and I'll give my usual feedback.

I was pulling for Rob Kardashian. He starts out by saying he loves old school cars, and kind of gave an insight about what he loves about Los Angeles Car Culture, and I respected him for it. Rob continues by saying that Bruce (his step dad) gave each of his genetic sons an old-school car which they had to restore themselves (more respect). Then you see Rob hauling down the street in an Oldsmobile that's the same age as I am. And I'm thinking "Uh Oh, he might actually know a thing or two about Los Angeles Car Culture". But the moment was shot and killed when you see Rob speeding down the street in a white Porsche Panamera, which has nothing to do with Lowriders.

He made it so close, but yet so far.

Of course the video looked great- because it was shot by Estevan Oriol and thankfully he gave it that Southern California feel.

I still think Khloe has more street-cred than Rob.

Butler Tire and the Can-Am Spyder

Apr 20, 2012

Can-Am Spyder with Custom 20in Asanti AF164 Wheels

Becoming more and more increasingly popular happens to be the Can-Am Spyder. You can catch this particular three-wheeled motorcycle at car shows, and now people are getting them customized as well.

It's the same bike, but Ciara, Dwight Howard, and Mario Lopez put their personal touches on their bikes.

One of Butler Tire's many clients, came to them with the idea of getting their Can-Am Spyder customized. Butler Tire accented the bike with aftermarket Asanti AF164 Wheels with Nexen wheels.

Can-Am Spyder with Custom 20in Asanti AF164 Wheels

Can-Am Spyder with Custom 20in Asanti AF164 Wheels

Can-Am Spyder with Custom 20in Asanti AF164 Wheels

Can-Am Spyder with Custom 20in Asanti AF164 Wheels

After looking at these photos, I want a Can-Am Spyder. So now my list of vehicles goes as follows: a 1955 Star Chief Convertible (that'll be my California lowrider), a Mustang 5.0 GT, a four door Jeep Wrangler, and now a Can-Am Spyder. I gave up on the Bentley Continental GT and the Yukon Denali Hybrid.

Photos: Can-Am Spyder facebook and Butler Tire

CEC Wheels and Their C883 Wheels

CEC Wheels released shots of their interchangable wheels that compliment any SUV or CUV- the C883 wheel. Influenced by the c883 forged and its attractive split seven spoke styling and light weight design, the c883 SUV brings the unmatched class and luxury to the truck and SUV market. The c883 SUV features a seven spoke design and center cap which covers lug holes and provides an incomparable exterior appearance for both European and Domestic trucks and SUV’s. Finishes include Matte Black/Machined, Magic Black/Machined, and Liquid Silver/Machined finishes.

CEC was kind enough to display the wheels on several SUVs- the Audi Q7, Cadillac Escalade, and a Supercharged Range Rover.

The Range Rover Supercharged will not go unnoticed with the premium upgrades available. The c883 SUV is engineered not only to enhance the SUV but are built to accept Land Rover Factory Hardware. Among other options, the c883 SUV is offered in Magic Black/Machined finish for that clean, luxurious appearance.

The c883 SUV accentuates the luxury features of the Cadillac Escalade adding class and refinement. This liquid silver/machined finish offers a look that is unmatched by any other. CEC is the original provider of unique SUV wheels with this type of paint finish with a machined and clear coat surface, available exclusively in 22”x10” sizing.

The custom gloss black/matte black finish on the Audi Q7 distinguishes it from the ordinary reflecting the illuminating gloss black and matte black off the Q7 itself.

The way that CEC presented these wheels, it gives the vehicle a cleaner look. It's still customized, but it's done to where the average person would think that it was still factory. Not everyone wants the 26 inch wheels on their SUV (Well, 26s can't fit on my Envoy, and it would look dumb as all hell if I tried).

For more information, check out CEC Wheels's official website.

ADV.1 Wheels Shows off a Mercedes CLS63

ADV.1 Wheels relesed shots of a Mercedes CLS63 (My favorite body type). According to ADV.1, "The ADV10 Deep Concave was one of the first major wheel designs that we pushed out onto our own ADV.1 CLS55 years ago and 3 years on with a new generation of CLS63 this photoshoot illustrates just how timeless our designs are. This 21″ staggered setup finished with a brushed aluminum center and chrome lips looks just as bang up to date and fresh today as it did 3 years ago. Why buy a wheel that looks dated in 6 months when you can invest in one that will look amazing 5 and 10 years down the road?"

But ADV.1, the average guy scuffs their wheels. I've seen so many curb marks on wheels, even on vehicles newer than mine that have parallel parking assistance.

Letter to Ford about the Redesigning of the Ford Mustang

Apr 19, 2012

To Whom It May Concern:

Two days ago, as I decided to catch up on automotive news, an article hit me from the Wall Street Journal
. I'm not sure why they're reporting this, it has nothing to do with stocks and bonds, but I'll continue. Per Matt Ramsey, you'se (I am from New York) are breaking away from one of the key components that made the Ford Mustang one of, if not, the most iconic pony of our time. And if you're not sure of the component I'm referring to, it's the cosmetic makeup.

I am Generation Y. I'm not the typical automotive blogger (I'm not in my 60's, I have no gray hair, I'm not fat, and I'm not bald, and of course, I'm not a man). Generation Y represents those who were born between 1980 and 1999, with yours truly being born in 1984. I appreciate futuristic vehicles, but I also appreciate those who stood the test of time. The Ford Mustang has been out for close to 50 years, under the same name and with the same iconic look and powerful engine. On top of that- you made it affordable for everyone, regardless of their annual salary. From the base model that's under $25,000 to the Shelby 1000 for close to $200,000.

As one who is a part of Generation Y, I feel as though the redesigning of the Ford Mustang to look like Evos and Fusion would be a mistake. It would be like a middle aged man wearing a toupee and the toupee blowing off in the wind. You're risking the Mustang brand to make a few sales for those who like futuristic cars (and that have plenty of choices that's currently in the market) for those who have supported Mustang for those 45 years, who have owned every Mustang model that's roll off the production line.

Ford, please remember something. Yes the Chevrolet Camaro and the Dodge Challenger have outsold the Mustang the previous year. However, sit down and read comparison articles from Car and Driver, Motor Trend, etc. The Ford Mustang wins comparison articles left and right. Another thing you have to remember: the Camaro and the Challenger are fun to drive, but they're fads. The Dodge Challenger probably will disappear soon since their four years are up. The Camaro had to go away for 8 years to come back, but now they're losing its steam.

The retro look for the Ford Mustang is very much appreciated. And if this a terrible rumor, then please disregard this letter.


A Mustang Fan also known as Bernie.

P.S. And the photo above is one of my photos, in fact, it was the same day I realized why the Ford Mustang is so loved.

Akon's Porsche Panamera Turbo Presented by Butler Tire

Celebrity Akon Porsche Panamera with Custom 22in Asanti ASF164 Wheels

Atlanta's Own, Butler Tire had the pleasure of working on Akon's Porsche Panamera Turbo. And as you remember in the past, when I talked about his cars, Akon has a thing for white cars. So after owning Ferraris, Bentleys, Lamborghinis, and the Mercedes SLR McLaren, you know the Porsche Panamera wasn't too far behind.

Celebrity Akon Porsche Panamera with Custom 22in Asanti ASF164 Wheels

Celebrity Akon Porsche Panamera with Custom 22in Asanti ASF164 Wheels

Celebrity Akon Porsche Panamera with Custom 22in Asanti ASF164 Wheels

I think it's interesting when celebrities have a fleet of cars in a specific color. Sometimes they have a specific reason why, then others just happen to like that color.

Darth Vader's Ultimate Car by West Coast Customs

Apr 18, 2012

If you're one of the lucky people who gets the Velocity channel, then hopefully, you've been watching Inside West Coast Customs. This past episode of Inside WCC, viewers had the chance to see the blood, sweat, and tears behind the creation of the Dark Vader car that was once a 2012 VW Passat.

"The Force is strong with Ryan on this build. Lucas Films has asked West Coast Customs to build Darth Vadar's ultimate ride, and it's a dream come true for this Star Wars fan. Ryan channels his inner Jedi to come up with a car that will please."

Oracle Lighting was kind enough to post production stills (Behind the scene stills) of the final creation, since the Velocity Channel isn't good enough for Direct TV.

Sadly, I couldn't see if they cut me out of the Inside West Coast Customs Sema episode. It wouldn't be hard to find me, there were only a handful of girls taking their classes. I wonder if Luke came to the dark side after seeing this car? This could be the best Passat out- because let's be honest- how many fully customized Passats have you seen? Go ahead, I'll wait...

West Coast Customs shows off a Dodge Challenger

The guys at West Coast Customs released photos of a Dodge Challenger. I think this Challenger's customizations was very understated and low key. You can tell customizations were done, but they didn't go crazy with it. Customizations like this would do great at dealerships. Anyway, check it out...

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