Letter to Ford about the Redesigning of the Ford Mustang

Apr 19, 2012

To Whom It May Concern:

Two days ago, as I decided to catch up on automotive news, an article hit me from the Wall Street Journal
. I'm not sure why they're reporting this, it has nothing to do with stocks and bonds, but I'll continue. Per Matt Ramsey, you'se (I am from New York) are breaking away from one of the key components that made the Ford Mustang one of, if not, the most iconic pony of our time. And if you're not sure of the component I'm referring to, it's the cosmetic makeup.

I am Generation Y. I'm not the typical automotive blogger (I'm not in my 60's, I have no gray hair, I'm not fat, and I'm not bald, and of course, I'm not a man). Generation Y represents those who were born between 1980 and 1999, with yours truly being born in 1984. I appreciate futuristic vehicles, but I also appreciate those who stood the test of time. The Ford Mustang has been out for close to 50 years, under the same name and with the same iconic look and powerful engine. On top of that- you made it affordable for everyone, regardless of their annual salary. From the base model that's under $25,000 to the Shelby 1000 for close to $200,000.

As one who is a part of Generation Y, I feel as though the redesigning of the Ford Mustang to look like Evos and Fusion would be a mistake. It would be like a middle aged man wearing a toupee and the toupee blowing off in the wind. You're risking the Mustang brand to make a few sales for those who like futuristic cars (and that have plenty of choices that's currently in the market) for those who have supported Mustang for those 45 years, who have owned every Mustang model that's roll off the production line.

Ford, please remember something. Yes the Chevrolet Camaro and the Dodge Challenger have outsold the Mustang the previous year. However, sit down and read comparison articles from Car and Driver, Motor Trend, etc. The Ford Mustang wins comparison articles left and right. Another thing you have to remember: the Camaro and the Challenger are fun to drive, but they're fads. The Dodge Challenger probably will disappear soon since their four years are up. The Camaro had to go away for 8 years to come back, but now they're losing its steam.

The retro look for the Ford Mustang is very much appreciated. And if this a terrible rumor, then please disregard this letter.


A Mustang Fan also known as Bernie.

P.S. And the photo above is one of my photos, in fact, it was the same day I realized why the Ford Mustang is so loved.

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