CEC Wheels Shows Off an Audi A8

Apr 12, 2012

Deep in the heart of Los Angeles (or Beverly Hills) lies CEC Wheels, where they just released photos of an Audi A8 that they have the extreme pleasure of customizing. You guys forgot already, CEC doesn't just sell wheels. They do customizations as well. Don't let the zip code fool you.

According to CEC, they started by taking the bold and sophisticated styling of the 20” c882 wheels and painted the face to color match the gloss black color of the car. Then they customized the break calipers by painting the Audi logo over a red background.

The wheels and brakes are not the only things customized on this vehicle. All of the original chrome detailing on the body of the Audi A8 was painted in a gunmetal finish to match the appearance of the wheels. This whole treatment seamlessly combines the elegance of the Audi with the concave profile of the c882 20” wheels.

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