Bentley uses carbon fiber in the new Mulliner Styling Specification

Jun 30, 2011

Bentley makes my day by creating the new Mulliner Styling Specification to the Bentley Continental GT. The new Mulliner Styling Specification’s Classic Pack features a unique front bumper splitter, strakes integrated into the front intake grilles, side extension blades and a rear diffuser, all made from high-gloss, black carbon fiber. These are complimented by a range of individual design options, comprising black, carbon fiber rear spoiler and door mirror cowls as well as distinctive, black-painted 21-inch ‘Elegant’ alloy wheels and dark mesh front wing vents with black carbon fiber bezels.

In addition to the core features of the Classic Pack, customers have the opportunity to customize their cars further with four additional optional features. The GT’s stylish rear spoiler, which automatically deploys at higher road speeds, may be specified in carbon fiber, while Raul Pires, Bentley’s head of exterior design's renowned eye for detail is reflected in the optional carbon fiber door mirror cowls.

To complement the carbon fiber features of the Mulliner Styling Specification, customers may also specify the option of 21-inch 7-spoke Elegant alloy wheels in a dramatic black-painted finish with contrasting bright machined detailing.

Customers may also opt for eye-catching, curved wing vents. Positioned just behind the front wheel arches, the dark chrome mesh vents (framed by a carbon fiber bezel) offer improved heat diffusion as well as forcefully underlining the Continental GT’s high-performance credentials.

The carbon fiber itself has been subjected to an extended regimen of extreme climatic and real world driving tests to ensure that durability matches the same high standards of the cars to which they are applied.

The Classic Pack is available to order from June 2011 onwards and the optional design features can be ordered from authorized Bentley dealers Fall 2011.

Interesting Customization: An Audi Coupe Showered in Swarovski Crystals

Floating around the web are some photos of an Audi Coupe covered in Swarovski Crystals. I wouldn't ride around in a car covered in Swarovski Crystals. It would be impossible to keep clean, however it would make a GREAT show car. I would love to see something like this at SEMA, or if my dreams come true- when I finally make it to the Tokyo Auto Salon.

Here's some more shots

That design is hideous.

Video: Presenting 7 New Wheel Designs by Asanti

The folks at Asanti released seven new wheel designs.

AF 169 All Chrome

VF 606

ZLT CX 170

VF 601 White and Yellow

VF 601 Black and Yellow

VF 602

VF 600 Stainless Steel Bracket

Mono Block 110

After all, SEMA is only 4 months down the road...

Recapping Episode Eight of Funkmaster Flex's Full Throttle (with The LOX and Maybach Music Group)

Last Sunday was the season finale of Season 2: Funkmaster Flex's Full Throttle. He decided to go out with a bang by having both Maybach Music Group (Rick Ross and 'em) and my personal favorite- The LOX (Jadakiss, Styles P, and Sheek).

So Flex and Rick Ross had a bet going on that had to do with basketball. Knicks vs Heat, and of course, the Miami Heat won. The Knicks just became a decent team, but to put them up against the Heat was just stupid. To each its own, however professional basketball isn't exactly New York's strongest point. Streetball- yes. Professional Basketball- we're getting there. Flex decided to give Ross a brand new white Ford Explorer with 24 inch custom wheels, Sony sound system, Custom Interior, Baer Breaks, and a new front bumper.

Like I mentioned before, I was excited when the LOX walked into the door. I loved them since I was a little girl living on Long Island. They didn't discuss any type of cars, but I enjoyed the interview, simply because it seemed more genuine. I can't really talk about the LOX segment, because cars wasn't discussed, they came to just chill with Flex. But who doesn't enjoy Styles, Sheek, and Jadakiss.

Finally the Maybach Music Group comes in, and they discuss music first. Ricky Rozay informs everyone that they are developing their own wheel company. Flex settles up on the bet and presents Rick Ross with the customized Ford Explorer. The finished product looked good, however, Rick Ross doesn't strike me as a Ford Explorer type of person. That's like giving Lil Wayne a Dodge Durango.

Bonus Clip: Jadakiss and Sheek give hustling advice.

I've actually been lucky enough to hang out with Jadakiss several times, and he's an interesting person. From advice to storytelling- he has a way to make you want to stop and listen.

Honestly speaking, I expected more from this series. I didn't think that this show would have been the TV version of his Hot 97 radio show, but in a way, that's what it was. It was more about who he could get to be on the show as opposed to it being about cars especially with a title like Full Throttle.

P.S. If Jadakiss comes out with his own coffee, I'm supporting it.

Try driving in a SUV made of Legos...

The folks at Legoland CA found a little bit of time to play a prank on their manager, Peter Ronchetti. They replaced his Volvo XC60 with a life-sized version of a Volvo XC60... made of Legos. It took 201,076 legos to complete, with the final project weighing in at 2934 pounds.

In the Spirit of #Planking .....

I'm sure by now, everyone has heard of Planking. In case if you fell asleep for the past couple of days, Planking is the art of lying face down in an unusual or incongruous location. The hands must touch the sides of the body, and having a photograph of the participant taken and posted on the Internet is an integral part of the game, according to wikipedia.

Some people, like everyone's favorite comedian, Lil Duval, decided to go Planking in the middle of U.S.'s busiest airport: Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson airport (see photo above). Others, like New Jersey rapper, Joe Budden, decide to drive to his ex-girlfriend's house and go planking on her Mercedes (see photo below)....

Gilbert Arenas decided to spend the basketball offseason, by planking on a Porsche...

We all know that there's more than enough planking photos out there... Have fun planking.

David Beckham's Customized Porsche 911 Sold For $227,000

Jun 28, 2011

David Beckham’s 2008 Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet was recently sold for $227,000 to actor/model Adam Sabbagh (he's huge in the Middle East), according to Sabagh’s rep told TMZ that the actor “fell in love” after looking at the car. Beckham put the car up for sale earlier this year after spending about $100K for special additions like a custom deck lid, the No. 23 emblazoned on the hood and seats, custom wheels, matte paint, smoked out headlights, and more. It’s unknown if Sabbagh bought it directly from Beckham or a third party.

New Toyo Versado Eco Tires Combines Luxury Performance with a Green Attitude

The new Versado Eco by Toyo Tires is an all-season, low rolling resistance luxury performance tire designed for hybrids and other environmentally-friendly vehicles. Using a combination of innovative technology and materials friendly to the environment, the Versado Eco delivers low rolling resistance without sacrificing tread life, luxury or performance.

Part of a global initiative to bring together both technology and ecology, the Versado Eco features progressive compound components and recycled materials. Rolling resistance is reduced by high silica content in the tread compound along with highly reactive polymer and a naturally derived material that the company calls Green Powder. The Green Powder and highly reactive polymer improve the dispersion of the silica, reducing friction and lowering rolling resistance.

Its environmental footprint is further reduced by using Eco Circle Fibers™ made from recycled polyester in its casing construction.

In addition, the long tread life and smooth, comfortable ride are achieved using advanced compound, construction and design elements such as an optimized tread profile and Toyo Tires’ Silent Wall Technology.

The Versado Eco is available to fit wheels from 15- to 18-inches in diameter, and is ideal as an OE tire upgrade for environmentally-friendly vehicles such as: Toyota® Prius®, Toyota Camry® Hybrid, Lexus® HS250h and CT200h, Honda Civic® Hybrid, Honda Insight® and the Chevrolet® Malibu® Hybrid. An “E” ecology mark on its lower sidewall denotes that it puts a focus on improved fuel economy.

To learn more about the Versado Eco and other low rolling resistance tire products from Toyo Tires, log onto

Blaque Diamond releases photos of BD-7 wheels on Range Rover

Blaque Diamond released photos a Range Rover that's now wearing the new BD-7 Wheels.

Ultimate Heavy Mesh Style CNC Grille for the 2007 - 2011 Chevrolet Avalanche, Suburban, Tahoe by EG Classics

Jun 27, 2011

If you're interesting in ordering this grille, click on the photo above.

Recapping Episode Seven of Funkmaster Flex's Full Throttle (The New York Auto Show)

Last Sunday's episode of Full Throttle, Flex decided to leave the comfort of his garage in the Bronx and traveled to midtown Manhattan to the New York Auto Show (yes, the same show I was suppose to attend).

At the show, Flex caught up with "next on deck" rappers: Tinie Tempah, Joell Ortiz and Big Sean, newcomers who are making a lot of noise (in a good way) and getting a lot of attention. Tinie's car choice was the Audi R8 where he continued to say that the car is extremely popular in his native country of England. Tinie continued to shine light on how they do things across the pond- when people have enough money to spend on a high end car, they don't customize it in any way, they leave it stock. No wheels, no grills, no tint. The ONLY customization that's acceptable to a high end car is to custom paint it with a matte paint. I see it's the complete opposite in the US. Also Tinie mentioned how he can't ride in a convertible because he's too recognizable in Britain.

Brooklyn rapper Joell Ortiz had realistic and obtainable dreams and went towards the Chevy area where he had his eye on the Convertible Camaro. At this point, it turned into a battle of the muscle cars: Camaro vs. Mustang (Joell vs. Flex). Joell described the burnt orange Convertible Camaro as scary... cause of the orange color reminded him of Halloween. He hops in, giving us a mental picture of how to act in a Convertible Camaro in his neighborhood in BK: drive real slow so everyone can see, especially those who are envious.

The final rapper Flex caught up with was Big Sean, who likes the stereotypical cars that most rappers go for. He went on and hopped into a Rolls Royce Ghost, and then talked about how he aspired to get a Bentley Flying Spur. Flex asked the question "What kind of car would people wouldn't expect you to like." Sean said an old school Impala: ironically he picked a staple in the Hip-Hop culture. Next Question: Camaro, Charger, or Mustang. Surprisingly Sean went with the Charger, and they made their way to the Dodge section and looked at the Charger from the Fast Five movie.

Out of the Tinie, Joell, and Sean's interview, I liked Tinie's the most. Simply because his had the most automotive insight. Joell and Sean's interviews were too typical.

This episode was extremely reminiscent of Flex's past TV Shows, where he would go to shows and actually converse about cars and nothing but cars. Back when he took Lil' Kim to a chop shop and she bought parts for an old school car. Ahhh, memories.

Here's the entire episode. But I hate the commercial breaks.

Bonus Clip: Joell and Flex attempted to talk about old school Buicks and was interrupted.

Most truthful line of this entire episode: "As we all know, New York is the capital of the world"- Funkmaster Flex.

New 2 Piece Wheels by Savini

CarTunes of Atlanta and Injected Engineering Presents A 1971 Chevelle

Jun 24, 2011

Cartunes and Injected Engineering have collaborated together to create this head-turner of a 71 Chevelle...

The car has over 700 horsepower and all the motor work was custom done by Injected Engineering in Kennesaw, GA. This car is a custom built Injected Engineering Motor supercharged and built from the ground up. Cartunes created a full custom sound system for this one of a kind monster featuring:

Alpine Radio
JL Audio 12″ Subwoofer
Alpine PDX 5 Channel Amplifier
Alpine Type R Speakers

For more information about the motor checkout Injected Engineering at and to see more photos of this Chevelle, check out CarTunes of Atlanta's site

Giovanna Wheels Shows Off a Mercedes G550

Giovanna Wheels released some photos of a Mercedes G550 sitting on 24 inch Gianelle Trentino Wheels....

MC Customs dresses an Aston Martin DB9 with some Savinis

MC Customs got their hands on an Aston Martin DB9 and added some beautiful Savini SV37c wheels- 22x9 (in the front) and 22x10.5 (in the rear).

The finished product as well as the photos are gorgeous. To check out more photos, head over to Savini's site.

EG Classics Presents Twin Kidney Fine Mesh Inserts for the 2007-10 BMW 3 Series Coupe

BMW's 3 Series Coupe is one sleek and stylish ride. It is tough to improve upon the sporty sophisticated look of this coupe, but here at E&G, we have! Take a look at the before and after shots of the BMW 3 Series above. The simple additions of our Twin Kidney Fine Mesh Inserts really take this car to a new level.

Derek Jeter + New York+ Ford Mustang= Great Commercial


I will not say anything else, because we all know how I feel about Ford Mustangs, the New York Yankees, and the city of New York.

Three Easy Steps to Vinyl Wraps With Meguiar's

Jun 22, 2011

Meguiar’s, the worldwide leader in surface care technology is working to ensure that everyone has knowledge and skills to get keep their cars sparkling year-round. That’s why today, the pros behind this century-old company are excited to introduce their latest Quik Tip Video - “Three Easy Steps to Vinyl Wraps.” As this Quik Tip video demonstrates, Meguiar’s makes it easy to care for your customized ride with products such as Ultimate Quik Detailer, Ultimate Wash & Wax and Ultimate Quik Wax.


Reminiscing over the Chevrolet Chevette

I was on Car and Driver's site, and unlike some sites that steal posts verbatim from Car and Driver and Autoblog, I actually read a story and take something away from it, or give my own honest opinion.

Case in point: Car and Driver had an excerpt from their June 2011 issue about the Ford Pinto and the Chevy Chevette. The meat and potatoes of the story was about how unsafe these cars are and if you're desperate for a car without having much money, these two cars would come into mind.

I've never experienced the "joys" of a Ford Pinto, however, I remember the Chevy Chevette all too well. My mom was and still is a nervous driver. She's so nervous, she went to a special driving school- the school for the nervous in the Bronx. After failing her road tests for three times, she finally passed-- in a compact vehicle.

In about 1986, my Dad bought her a 1987 Chevrolet Chevette in that god-awful grey above for a grand total of under $10,000. Because of my mom, I had my first taste in customizations- where she had a manual popup sunroof installed, had custom paint job, and made sure that she had all four of her hubcaps on her car. For 9 years, my mom proudly drove this car around Long Island, sometimes venturing into the five boroughs of New York City. There's more stories than I can count about this car, but it met it's kiss of death in 1995 in a car accident that sent yours truly to the hospital. Ironically, the doctors said if my mom didn't react as fast as she did, I would have had the same destination as her Chevette... dead.

The best part about the Car and Driver's article was that they shamelessly ran the specs of each vehicle. If you were to compare the specs to a present day car, it would match the Smart Car. And I quote:

The rear-drive Chevette upheld the American tradition of punishing small-car buyers. In its favor, it was cheap and relatively reliable. Today, it would wear EPA numbers of 33 mpg highway for the 60-hp 1.6-liter and up to 42 mpg highway for the 51-hp, 1.8-liter Isuzu diesel. Performance? Not really. In our testing, the gas ’Vette did 0 to 60 in 13.0 seconds, and the diesel took 21.2. The best one in the world, a 16,727-mile ’81, brought $4290 at auction in 2009.

ENGINES > SOHC 1.4-liter inline-4, 52 hp, 70 lb-ft (1976); SOHC 1.6-liter inline-4, 60 hp, 82 lb-ft (1976); 1.8-liter diesel inline-4, 51 hp, 72 lb-ft (1982)
TOP SPEED > 80–88 mph • UNITS MADE > 2.75 million (including 26,681 diesels)

Thank goodness Chevrolet doesn't make Chevettes anymore, but they still make Aveos (now known as the Chevrolet Sonic), which is practically the same thing. Needless to say, my mom's taste in cars has evolved. She now likes cars that have more than 100 horsepower.

Some people had Ford Mustangs in their family. In my family, we had cars that you don't want to remember owning.

Giovanna Wheels Shows Off a Opel Insignia

Jun 20, 2011

Giovanna Wheels released some photos of a Opel Insignia sitting on Gianelle Santorini wheels.

I loved how they released shots of a vehicle that is very uncommon in the States. Looking good guys...
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