Lexani Wheel Corporation Introduces Car Care System

Nov 29, 2012

Lexani Wheel Corporation, world leader in custom luxury wheels, rims, grilles and aftermarket automotive products, has introduced a collection of four cleaning products developed for automotive enthusiasts who want nothing but the best when it comes to caring for their vehicles.

Products available in the Lexani Car Care System line are a Spray Wax, Instant Detailer & Gloss Enhancer, Tire Shine, and a Wheel & Tire Cleaner. All cleaning products are made from superior formulas created to prolong that “fresh from the showroom” feeling.

Spray Wax  
One-step liquid wax than can be used on conventional or clear coat paints.  Removes road film, grease, tar and bugs and leaves no buffer marks, white/powder residue or streaks on black cars.  Also hides swirl and light scratches.  Can be used under the sun and on semi-wet cars.
MSRP: USD $17.99/each, $179.00/10 pack

Instant Detailer & Gloss Enhancer
Quickly removes fingerprints and buffer smears for a showroom shine.  Works great on paint, glass, and chrome.  Can also be used as a dry-wash on vehicles that are not heavily soiled—spray on and wipe off with a soft, clean, dry cloth for  instant deep gloss finish. 
MSRP: USD $15.99/each, $159.00/10 pack

Tire Shine
An environmentally-friendly, water based dressing containing natural oils and polymers that creates a high gloss, long lasting shine.  It’s so safe to use that it can be applied to rubber bumpers, plastic cladding, door seals, and trimmings to improve their appearance as well.
MSRP:  USD $15.99/each, $159.00/10 pack

Wheel & Tire Cleaner
Highly concentrated, fast acting, biodegradable degreaser that breaks down and removes grease marks, grime, and brake dust from tires and wheels. Can also be used on motorbikes and other vehicles.
MSRP:  USD $15.99/each, $159.00/10 pack

The Lexani Car Car System is available now on and wherever Lexani automotive accessories are sold.

Headquartered in Corona, CA, and established in 1994, Lexani Wheel Corporation is a premier manufacturer of custom wheels, rims, and grille collections for high-end luxury automobiles, trucks and SUVs.

Bernie Says: Spray tire shine never, ever last as long as tire gel. I used enough tire products to know. But that instant detailer/ gloss enhancer sounds great.

813 Customs Shows off a 73 Donk AND a Dodge Charger

The hard working guys at 813 Motoring released a video (awhile ago) of a 1973 Donk and a Dodge Charger. And I'm sure both placed well in a car show. Although I'm not a Donk person, I can say that the Donk had way more customizations done to it, and I can appreciate it

Completely-- and I Do Mean Completely Customized Monte Carlo

I really think there's nothing left on this Monte Carlo that hasn't been customized. Customized by Ultimate Audio in Lexington, SC- the work that was done included- Candy Blue, lime green, and silver paint, Fiberglass doors, dash, custom console, and trunk, 28 inch Savini wheels, custom audio and video, and a whole lot more.

Very interesting to see, and I love that shade of blue.

Recapping the Dub Magazine Project: Season 2, Episode 5

Nov 27, 2012

This week was the first week of MGK hosting. He calmed down a bit, and only offered a bit of hyperness. Maybe that’s a good thing. Either way, it was a nice look for him- especially he hasn’t been out for a long time. Wondering if he knows a thing or two about cars, because the previous two host has quite the collection of vehicles.

Grand Hustle’s BoB kicked off the first segment. Driving around in a city that I unfortunately know too well—Atlanta, in a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder painted Matte black. As much as I love BoB, his segment didn’t talk about cars too much, so on to the next one… What's with the first segments of the show not talking about cars?

Time out from the recap… I’ve been seeing a LOT of clips with Pauly D. I hope he’s gonna be on here. And Dub, don’t make his segment short.

Jonathan Davis from the group Korn. I love how he’s riding in that 69 Monster Camaro that West Coast Customs did for him.  What WCC did for him is took the car apart, and rebuilt it as a new car with the old school shell and gave certain interior aspects the old school look. He knows his cars.

YES!!! THEY SHOWED PAULY D!!! Note: this part is virtually nonexistent because I spent too much time staring at the tv and not typing. The only part I can remember is that Myles Kovacs gave him the bike and that he received another one. Basically a two for the price of one deal. 

Roadstarr got the hottest cars in LA? I guess that’s just Ronnie’s opinion, but hey, let’s keep going with Ronnie from the Jersey Shore’s segment. So Ronnie took an Audi R8 out on an extended test drive. I have a soft spot for Ronnie, simply because he’s from the Bronx. I have a soft spot for J-Woww, cause she’s from Long Island. I have a soft spot for Pauly D cause of his looks.  But Ronnie couldn’t test out the capability of the R8 because of the LA traffic. He should be use to it by now- the traffic on the Cross Bronx Expressway isn’t exactly the greatest either.

Speciality Car Craft has the shop talk segment. Their showroom looks uber comfortable. Looks like someone’s living room. I would just go there to watch Mob Wives and play pool. (I can’t play pool, so I’ll be pretending.) But the customizations they do are the understated customizations- it looks factory but it’s really isn’t. Basically customizations that doesn’t cheapen the car.

Ron Artest… I’m not gonna call him no Metta World Peace. Is he driving a Ford Focus??? Hold up, is he really driving a Ford Focus and is still trying to rap??? I’m done. Even if he’s from Queensbridge. *drops mic and walks away*

Just an average day in Florida... Vert doing donuts

Nov 26, 2012

Came across an interesting video on Youtube. Somewhere in the Miami area of Florida one day, a driver of a 1973 Candy Blue Forgiato wearing Vert doing donuts in a parking lot. The end result... A smokey ass parking lot with a lot of tire skid marks. You gotta check this out...

Bernie's Favorite: COMPLETELY blacked out Porsche Panamera by Butler Tire

Matte Black Porsche Panamera with 22in Victor Insbruck Wheels

Doing Donuts With Bernie has been up now for almost three years, and within those three years you've learned a bit about me. I'm a girl, I'm from New York, I'm a photographer, I adore Robinson Cano, and I'm a sucker for a blacked out vehicle. The more blacked out it is, the more I fall in love with it.

I'm not a Porsche person. If I was forced to get one, it would be the Cayenne Turbo because in all the years I've been driving, most of my vehicles have been SUVs. I ride big.... all 5'2 and 1/2 inches of me. Plus I love to drive fast.  But regardless, this Porsche Panamera that Butler Tire so graciously decided to show off won my heart.

Matte Black Porsche Panamera with 22in Victor Insbruck Wheels

Matte Black Porsche Panamera with 22in Victor Insbruck Wheels

Matte Black Porsche Panamera with 22in Victor Insbruck Wheels

P.S. So in love, that I forgot to mention that Butler Tire added 22 inch Victor Insbruck Wheels.

Slim Thug's Chrome Camaro

You know, if I were a bit more proactive, I would have shown off this video a little bit sooner. So by now, we know that the latest trend is chrome wrapping a vehicle. Some look horrible (exotics should never ever be wrapped in chrome), some look a little bit more acceptable.

Case in point- Houston rapper, Slim Thug and his Chrome wrapped Chevy Camaro. It doesn't look bad. Because they (as in Deviate Autosport), added the dual racing stripes, left the roof black, and kept the wheels black, they didn't OD on chrome. And most importantly, they blacked out the tail lights.

But the wrapping trend is slowing down a bit, and folks are getting their cars unwrapped. Ironically, they're going back to Deviate Autosport to get it taken off...

P.S. Above I said that exotics should not be wrapped in Chrome, but I did fall in love with a Bugatti that Platinum Motorsport painted. If anything, the only thing that Platinum Motorsports wraps is gifts.

813 Customs Shows off Gold Chromed Camaro

Nov 21, 2012

First 813 Customs brought you a chromed Chevy Camaro, and now they're back again with another Camaro. But this time, it's gold chromed one wearing 30 inch Forgiato Maschili wheels with a money green interior. Also, check out the TVs that pops up from behind the back seat. Make sure you thank Linny J for shooting this video.

Fact of the day, although 813 Customs is in the heart of Tampa, the owner of the shop is from Staten Island, New York. Oddly enough, there's probably as many New York bred people living in Florida as there are in New York.

Thought of the moment: how come there's not a 718 Customs, 631 Customs, 516 Customs, 646 Customs, 914 Customs, 917 Customs, 347 Customs, etc. You noticed a trend? If now, I just named 7 out of 9 of the area codes in metro New York. There is a 212 Customs and a 929 Customs but of course, they're not in New York. I know I know, I'm such a New Yorker.

West Coast Customs Shows off a '57 Chevy Bel Air

Nov 20, 2012

One of California's favorite customization shops had the opportunity to restore one of California's favorite lowriders. That's right, you guessed it... West Coast Customs worked on a 1957 Chevy Bel Air for one of their clients.

Recapping the Dub Magazine Project: Season 2, Episode 4

I do like how they’ve switched up Tyga’s location. Instead of having him standing along side of a car like they did with the Game, they at least had him in the driver’s seat of a Bentley. Could very well be the Bentley that West Coast Customs did for him. But sadly, this is the last week for Tyga being the host…

First segment belonged to DJ Afro Jack as he leaves out of a hotel, hops into a Ferrari 458 Italia, driving around a familiar city… Las Vegas. As cute as he is, he didn’t talk about cars, so on to the next segment.

Travis Pastramo was filmed behind the scenes at a Dub Magazine Shoot. Aside from there, he takes you on a super behind the scenes look inside the Nascar world- from the building of cars, on the track, etc. He drives one expensive Toyota Camry… then again, I’m definitely positive that it’s nothing like the one my dad drives.

Dub Garage teamed up with Philly’s Killer Kreations as they take us into the creation of the bike for everyone’s favorite DJ- Pauly D. The first bike  that they did for him was for show, but they’re really redoing the bike for Pauly… who rides bikes just as much as he drives. KK cramed it into 4 days, but will they finish??? And most importantly, will they show Pauly D??? Side note: I loved how Myles Kovacs threw most customization shops under the bus by saying “Dub Garage does believe in collaborating with other shops”

Best Segment: Mister Cartoon started out as a graffiti artist and it inspires everything that he does. Driving around in a 1948 Chevy Fleetwood (Rendered priceless), he takes Dub into his studio—in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. There is where he did his photoshoot with Estevan Oriol… the great, as well as showing off the 1963 Milk Truck (again, rendered priceless). The number one thing I do respect about Mister Cartoon is that with his car customizations to his tattoos to his graffiti, it’s that it’s all done by freehand. No tracing, no stenciling, no Photoshop, no Abobe Illustrator. He didn’t take the easy way out, he just followed the advice that is just as priceless as his vehicles… Practice makes perfect. But I often wonder, what is the newest vehicle that Mister Cartoon own?

The shop segment went to Auto Extremes in Conyers, GA. The one stop custom shop that they do everything… even oil changes. Co owned by T-Pain, they discussed one of their famous projects, the joker mobile- which was a 72 Impala with a big block engine, took about a year to do since T-Pain is so fickle and couldn’t come up with the customizations that he wanted done.

It’s GUCCI!!! Time out—Gucci was in a movie? Oh lawd… I was honestly surprised to see Gucci was really pushing that Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8. The reason why because his past cars were, how should I say it? To quote him, “All my cars are immigrants” meaning all his cars were foreign ones. So to see him driving something American was a change, but then again, he was driving a Hummer when he pushed that woman out of it while it was moving… 

Here’s the episode and we’ll see how Machine Gun Kelly does next week...

Forgiato Wheels Shows off A Mercedes G55

Nov 19, 2012

Forgiato Wheels released photos of a Mercedes Benz G55 wearing the Forgiato Enzo Wheels. Check this out...

Not a fan of these wheels on this truck. Not at all...

Butler Tire Shows off a Maserati GranTurismo

Maserati GranTurismo with 22in Savini BS2 Wheels

Atlanta's staple, Butler Tire, released photos of a Maserati GranTurismo sitting on Savini's BS2 Wheels in 22 inches. Check this out...

Maserati GranTurismo with 22in Savini BS2 Wheels

Maserati GranTurismo with 22in Savini BS2 Wheels

Interesting Story: 28 Grown Women can fit into one Mini Cooper

Spotted on, I came across an interesting story. In the land of London, 28 women decided to jam themselves into a Mini Cooper. They used every knook and cranny inside the Mini and they underwent extra training and stretching to make sure they beat last year record. Ironically, the same women set last years record of 27 in a Mini Cooper...

I'm sorry, but after seeing these girls don't have on shoes, this totally reminds me of high school. My graduating class had only 10 more girls than this (my graduating class would have been 40, but two girls got kicked out...) and there were times when the locker room would smell like white cheddar popcorn and Fritos corn chips.  Sorry to gross you out, but that's what happens when you read words from a girl who went to the only all girls' school on Long Island.

P.S. I hope none of those girls farted.

West Coast Customs Shows Off a 2 Door Mercedes S550.

Nov 16, 2012

Oh you didn't know they could come in a two door option? Well, they can't unless if you take it to a shop like West Coast Customs. Not only did they change the amount of doors, they blasted the car matte black, added some Asanti wheels (not a fan of the design of those wheels), added a Strut grille, complete sound system, along with a custom interior. The end result???

Forgiato Shows off a Wide-Bodied Mustang

I was lucky enough to see this car in person, although it wasn't as magical as that Matte Black Ford Mustang that Forgiato designed. Either way, this silver Ford Mustang still made a statement at the outdoor Forgiato booth, especially the F2.05 wheels that he's wearing.

Al & Ed's Autosound did a great job.
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