Interesting Story: 28 Grown Women can fit into one Mini Cooper

Nov 19, 2012

Spotted on, I came across an interesting story. In the land of London, 28 women decided to jam themselves into a Mini Cooper. They used every knook and cranny inside the Mini and they underwent extra training and stretching to make sure they beat last year record. Ironically, the same women set last years record of 27 in a Mini Cooper...

I'm sorry, but after seeing these girls don't have on shoes, this totally reminds me of high school. My graduating class had only 10 more girls than this (my graduating class would have been 40, but two girls got kicked out...) and there were times when the locker room would smell like white cheddar popcorn and Fritos corn chips.  Sorry to gross you out, but that's what happens when you read words from a girl who went to the only all girls' school on Long Island.

P.S. I hope none of those girls farted.

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