Slim Thug's Chrome Camaro

Nov 26, 2012

You know, if I were a bit more proactive, I would have shown off this video a little bit sooner. So by now, we know that the latest trend is chrome wrapping a vehicle. Some look horrible (exotics should never ever be wrapped in chrome), some look a little bit more acceptable.

Case in point- Houston rapper, Slim Thug and his Chrome wrapped Chevy Camaro. It doesn't look bad. Because they (as in Deviate Autosport), added the dual racing stripes, left the roof black, and kept the wheels black, they didn't OD on chrome. And most importantly, they blacked out the tail lights.

But the wrapping trend is slowing down a bit, and folks are getting their cars unwrapped. Ironically, they're going back to Deviate Autosport to get it taken off...

P.S. Above I said that exotics should not be wrapped in Chrome, but I did fall in love with a Bugatti that Platinum Motorsport painted. If anything, the only thing that Platinum Motorsports wraps is gifts.

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