Snoop Dogg teams up with Mister Cartoon's Sanctiond

Nov 13, 2012

At SEMA, Mister Cartoon announced a new partnership with Snoop Dogg (or Snoop Lion) as business partner and ambassador for Sanctiond Automotive Brand. By bring in Snoop, it allows Sanctiond to expand their lineup by adding an exclusive line of Sanctiond by Snoop Dogg products consisting of car wash, waxes, polishes, spray detailers and more. The line will launch initially as a limited edition. Snoop is working closely with the Sanctiond team of specialists to hand-craft the formula down to the smell, color, ingredients and branding.

Atticus Firey, Sanctiond Co-Founder and CEO, said, "This is not a traditional endorsement deal for Snoop Dogg. In addition to being our business partner, he will provide global endorsement services, marketing support and strategic consulting for the brand. Snoop Dogg's global recognition, trendsetting status and super cool persona enhance our ability to bring new consumers and revived energy into this category."Basically Snoop is gonna help people care about their cars more. 

You gotta love it... But seriously, Sanctiond had a great presence at SEMA. Most of the customized cars there had the Sanctiond decal on it, even at the booths of various aftermarket parts. 

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