Butler Tire Shows off a Bentley Continental GT

Sep 25, 2012

Bentley GT with 20in Savini BM3 Wheels

Atlanta's favorite customizers, Butler Tire, released photos of a Bentley Continental GT outfitted with Savini's BM3 Wheels, but instead of leaving the wheels as is, they contrasted them with black and red accents.

Bentley GT with 20in Savini BM3 Wheels

Bentley GT with 20in Savini BM3 Wheels

Remember, Butler Tire will baby your car...

ADV.1 Wheels and R1 Motorsports Shows off a Mercedes CL63

Oh. My. Goodness. ADV.1 Wheels released photos from R1 Motorsports of a Mercedes Benz CL63. R1 Motorsports paired ADV.1's ADV10 Deep Concaves painted glossy black in 22 inches. The glossy black wheels both complimented and contrast with the GORGEOUS matte blue paint of the CL63.

That color is gorgeous. I almost shed a tear. And if you can't tell, I'm giving R1 Motorsports a job well done.

Interesting Customization: Chrome wrapped Rolls Royce Phantom

Before I begin: automotive trends are not for every single vehicle. It didn't look bad on the Lamborghini Gallardo- which was still within the same price range of the Rolls Royce Phantom. I'll just show the photos...

*Sighs* I mean, it's just wrong. It was done right, but it shouldn't have been at all. It's too much car to wrap in chrome, and yes, it's wrapped, but the chrome wrap cheapened this Phantom. And when the customizations take away from the value- then it's labeled as a bad customization. Whhhhyyyyyyyy Roadstarr, why????????????

P.S. The wheels are Forgiato's Fiore Wheels in 24 inches. I was so distracted by the plummeting value of the Phantom.

Oldie But Goodie: CEC Wheels Shows off a Stealth C63

Sep 24, 2012

One thing that CEC Wheels has mastered is the art of stealth. Last year, CEC released a video showing off the subtle customizations done to the ever-so-gorgeous Mercedes Benz C63. Personally I love the quilted stitching in the interior- it looks soooo comfortable. Although the man at the end of the video looked like he was about to shed a tear since the car was being transported away from CEC, check the video out anyway.

Oldie but Goodie: Dubs And Tires Shows off a Camaro SS

Now, this is a gem. Dubs and Tires released a video about two years ago of a completely customized Chevy Camaro SS. With this video, I had a bit of a soft heart. Although it did get a little sloppy around the 1:40 mark, however, the guy who filmed it used the opportunity as a video business card. He walked you though the customizations that were done to it, he was gracious to not show the owner (gotta appreciate a person who respects a person's wishes to not be on camera) and the video was spontaneous- a rainy day at a gas station. All in all, despite the circumstances, the video did was it was suppose to do- show everyone what Dubs and Tires are made of...

Forgiato Shows off a Nissan GTR

Sep 20, 2012

Forgiato released a video of a Nissan GTR that Forgiato got their hands on. The end result??? Well check it out for yourself....

DJ Grilles Presents New Hawkeye Retractable Hidden Headlight Grille

One thing you can say about DJ Grilles is that they don't believe in following the trends and they want to be innovative with their designs. Case in point- their new Hawkeye Retractable Hidden Headlight Grille.

Starting price $2000. For more information, go to DJ Grilles' Official Website here.

Butler Tire Shows off a Mercedes Benz C300

Mercedes Benz C300 with 20in TSW Nurburgring Wheels

Atlanta's Favorite, Butler Tire, released photos of a completely customized Mercedes Benz C300 (a model that I've really haven't shown of this blog) wearing color matched TSW Nurburgring 20 inch wheels. Because Butler Tire isn't a company that would sell you any ol' wheel, they take the time to match the wheel with the car. The end result...

Mercedes Benz C300 with 20in TSW Nurburgring Wheels
Mercedes Benz C300 with 20in TSW Nurburgring Wheels
Mercedes Benz C300 with 20in TSW Nurburgring Wheels
Mercedes Benz C300 with 20in TSW Nurburgring Wheels
Mercedes Benz C300 with 20in TSW Nurburgring Wheels


Forgiato Shows off the Widebodied Camaro... in a video

Sep 18, 2012

Previously Forgiato teased us with the photos of this Widebodied Chevy Camaro. Now, they released the official video of this completely customized vehicle.  Maybe Forgiato should customize cars... anyway, check this video...

T-Rex Grilles Introduces 2 Grilles for the 2013 Ford Mustang

T-Rex Billet Grilles introduces not one, but two new grilles for the 2013 Ford Mustang. As a part of their Upper Class Series, these grilles are available in a polished stainless steel finish and a black finish.

Okay, the horizontal grille design has always annoyed me. Something about it doesn't look right. If it was in black, then it wouldn't be such a bad distraction. The mesh look looks so much better, it makes a statement. I'm saying this in general with grilles- it doesn't matter the brand. It's the same with T-Rex, DJ Grilles, Asanti, Lexani, Strut, etc. But what I do love is that they picked the 5.0 GT to model the grille. God, I miss that car...

Butler Tire Shows off a Mercedes S550

Mercedes Benz S-Class with 22in Asanti CX176 Wheels

Atlanta's number one choice to go to for wheels and tires,  Butler Tire, released photos of a white Mercedes Benz S550 wearing the Asanti CX176 Wheels in 22 inches. And might I add, excellent choice in wheels.

Mercedes Benz S-Class with 22in Asanti CX176 Wheels
Mercedes Benz S-Class with 22in Asanti CX176 Wheels
Mercedes Benz S-Class with 22in Asanti CX176 Wheels

P.S. Those wheels are gorgeous... however, they can't beat the AF143s. Also Photography Tip: Butler Tire had the right idea photographing this car. With photography, it's always best to photograph on a cloudy day. That way, there's no glare, and you get the perfect amount of light. But, they could have use a little more light on the last photo, simply by opening up the aparture a f-stop or two...

Mister Cartoon's 1961 Impala and Adam Carolla's CarCast

Sep 14, 2012

Bringing a much needed oompf and diversity to Adam Carolla's CarCast, was none other than Mister Cartoon. Even though the automotive market is an extremely diverse market, it can be closed minded at times. He talked lowriders, one of his own lowrider, how customization is an art form, the Sanctiond car care line, and more, and Cartoon talked in front of Adam Carolla's audience like it was the same audience that was at the Torres Empire Show Labor Day Weekend. And that deserves a lot of respect...

And yes folks, customizing a car is an art form. But I'm more hurt that these photos are out of focus. No bueno. 

Oldie But Goodie: Customized Dodge Magnum by MC Customs

Oldie But Goodie continues, but this time it's a Dodge Magnum that was customized by Miami's own, MC Customs. This project was done for one of their many, many MLB clientele- Ronnie Belliard. Don't ask me what team he plays for, because if he's not wearing a white and blue pinstriped uniform, then I really wouldn't know.

I couldn't drive a customized vehicle like this. I need to be able to see out of my rearview mirror, and with this, I can't. I really can't.

Savini Forged Wheels Shuts it Down with One Pic...

Savini Forged Wheels released a single photo of one of their newest designs- the BS2, and in this shot, it's in 24x15. And by 15, I mean it has a 15 inch lip.

Those are some big lips...

Oldie but Goodie: C2G Wheels Shows off a Box Chevy on 28s

Sep 12, 2012

Florida's Customization shop, C2G Wheels released a video (awhile ago) of a Box Chevy sitting on 28 inch wheels. Besides the wheels and the obvious lift to fit the wheels, it was also custom painted, custom engine and sound system. Check this out...

You know Florida is serious about their paint.

Fully Customized Camaro SS By CEC Wheels

Beverly Hills' CEC Wheels had the opportunity to work on a vehicle that they don't normally get to work on. That's right, they customized a Chevy Camaro SS. But we're going to take it step by step of what all was done to it...

  • CEC mounted a set of staggered 22 inch CEC c884 Forged and finished them in brushed gunmetal giving the already wide stance of the Camaro an even wider feel. 

  • A custom grill by DJ Grilles painted to match the finish of the wheels, helps keep the style consistant from all angles. 

  • Lamborghini inspired doors changed the entire style of the car and giving it a completely unique look when opened.

  • This SS has been lowered about 1.4" in the front and 1.3" in the rear, using H&R's sport lowering springs, giving it a boost in handling while maintaining a superb ride quality.

  • A custom stainless steel performance exhaust system coated with a heat resistant matte black paint as well as some engine upgrades.

Not bad. Not bad at all...
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