The Battle of the Matte Red Range Rovers: Ultimate Auto and Platinum Motorsports

Apr 22, 2013

Two great customization shops released photos of matte red Range Rovers. Both Ultimate Auto and Platinum Motorsports started off with a blank canvas: a 2013 Range Rover. Both did follow the same style, although they both used different shades of red, they used a matte finish and left the top half of the vehicle black. The end result.... I'll let you guys decide.

First up. From Orlando, Florida, we have Ultimate Auto and their cranberry red Range. This Range has been dipped in custom BASF Glasurit matte red paint with gloss red accents. The gloss black roof and accent trim break up the red and give it a nice two tone.

And in this corner, from Los Angeles, California, we have Platinum Motorsports and their Rosso Corsa Range. This Range has been dipped in custom Rosso Corsa (Ferrari Red... or at least it looks like it) paint with gloss black accents. The gloss black roof and black accent trim break up the red and give it a nice two tone.

Soooo.... which one do you like?

But my favorite quote that I've found on about the new design of the Range Rover is "the new Rover doesn't look as aggressive as the outgoing model. They definitely lost a bit of that squared off, brutish ruggedness in translation (Bernie's note: it's should have been transition). It's gone soft... like a Cayenne." However, the Cayenne has always been soft, it's a crossover.

Car Show Coverage: 2013 Dub Car Show: Los Angeles

Apr 16, 2013


Well, while I was in NY, two great car shows happened in two great cities. First, Forgiato held their Forgiato Fest in Miami (still looking for great coverage) and second, Dub held their Dub Car Show in their hometown. 


I've gotten great at ranking Dub Car Shows in order of the best cars. Vegas is the best because it's in the parking lot of SEMA. Anaheim comes in second place because it's outside of LA and it's an outdoor show which has no limits of what cars can be a part of the show. LA is third because it's the home city of Dub, however it's an indoor show. I've never been to Angels Stadium, but I can tell you that it is definitely bigger than the Los Angeles Convention Center. Los Angeles will never fail at putting on a Dub Show, even if there's shootouts outside. Anyway, with the help of Show Cars, Wheels and Heels Mag,  Conveyor of Cool, and Dub Magazine's flickr page, I'm able to put together a great recap of the 2013 Dub Car Show: Los Angeles, including the models.








Fell in love with this car at SEMA...










My baby... 








A West Coast Car Show wouldn't be a real car show without Sanctiond.




I'm a female that pretty secure in my looks, but I thought she was cute.

And I thought she was cute too.



Pretty girl, but I hate the deer in headlights face she's giving.




P.S. The lowest ranking Dub Shows in my opinion are New York and Philly. They should have kept Englishtown.
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