Bernie's Car Show Coverage: Photos from the 2019 Torres Empire Lowrider Show

Jul 31, 2019

The weekend of July 20th, I made my faithful return to Los Angeles to attend not one, but two car shows. I’m going a little out of order, but I decided to do coverage on the second show first. 

After a four year hiatus, I covered my third Torres Empire Lowrider Show. I had a lot of fun attending the 2011 and the 2015 shows, and thankfully, nothing has changed with this show. It was still held at the Los Angeles Convention Center, the room was completely filled with cars and bikes (FYI: Bradley Hall is 347,000 square feet. That is not a small room), crowd still went crazy over the live performances, Torres Empire still held onto their level of standard of the cars that could be a part of the show,  and most importantly- it was still the largest indoor lowrider show in the world.

I said it once, and I'll say it again- "My automotive heart has a special place for lowriders. Although they’ve been around forever, the concept of lowriders is still somewhat new to me. I grew up in New York and let’s be real… there’s no lowriders in New York, especially not on Long Island.  I grew up around tuners and luxury/exotic cars." What I respect the most about Lowriders is that attention to detail. I never had an opportunity to customize a car, but it's obvious that there's a high level of detail in customizing a lowrider.

Walking around Bradley Hall, I saw some familiar vehicles... I did see cars from past Los Angeles car shows, I saw two vehicles from the 2018 SEMA show, and oddly enough... I saw two cars that I photographed in Atlanta, one of which- I just saw at the Krazy Vatos Car Show last month.

I really enjoyed my time emerging myself into Los Angeles culture. It's not Los Angeles automotive culture, it's a part of their overall culture.

If the sneak peek wasn’t enough, feel free to check out Bernie’s 2019 Torres Empire Lowrider Supershow gallery. Thank you for the hospitality, Los Angeles. I will be back.

Bernie's Car Show Coverage: Photos from the 2019 King of the South Weekend

Jul 22, 2019

On July 13th and 14th, Official Street Whipz held their famous King of the South Weekend. Atlanta only has one automotive filled weekend- it’s always in July and the V-103 Car and Bike Show falls on a Saturday, and on the very next day, Official Street Whipz has their King of the South Show.

For the second year in a row, I do not have any V-103 Car and Bike Show photos to show off. Last year I couldn't score a media pass in time for the show. This year, they decided not to have the show (hopefully they're restructuring it). Thankfully it left Official Street Whipz run the weekend. Last year, I had fun at the block party, even though I didn't know what to expect. Naturally I decided to show up again this year.

It was packed, but it was a good packed, not the type of packed where the fire marshall has to come.   It was so packed, it took up the entire shopping center (including the parking lot of Pizza Hut,  Zaxby's, and Wells Fargo), it took up the BP gas station in front of the shopping center, it took up the Chevron gas station across the street, AND the Walgreens diagonal from BP. So yes, it was packed.

The very next day was the actual car show at the Atlanta Motor Speedway, where it’s been faithfully held since 2015. Car enthusiasts got to show off what their cars are made of in three ways- how the car looks, how it performs on the race track, and how it sounds- meaning the audio system.

Like last year, I’ve noticed a lot of vehicles with excellent paint jobs and wraps, a lot of vehicles on Forgiato, Amani Forged, Rucci Forged, Corleone Forged, and Dub Wheels, there were donks, donks, and more donks, plenty of Ang’s family members (Ang is short for Angela, which is the name of my Dodge Charger and by family members, I mean other Dodge Chargers and Challengers), a lot of Box Chevys, a lot of G-Bodies, and one more thing- there were a lot of donks there… in every color.

Despite the heat (shoutout to my BFF- this portable air conditioner), I had a great weekend and of course, I will be back AGAIN next year. Enough talking because I know my photos are far more interesting than what I have to say. To see the rest of the photos, check out Bernie's 2019 King of the South Mega Show gallery.

Bernie's Car Show Coverage: 2019 Goldrush Rally: Atlanta

Jul 3, 2019

Goldrush Rally is one of the world's most premiere luxury rally. In a nutshell, luxury/exotic car owners drive to some of the biggest cities where they meet fans, party, and if they're lucky- they get about 3-4 hours of sleep a night. The rally originally started as a three day journey, then they expanded to seven days, but last year, they expanded it to 10 days. Might I add, the participants ACTUALLY drive. It's not like they're driving from Long Island to Baltimore (4 hours).

My favorite part about the rally is that they document it- the good, the bad, the partying, the pranks, the speeding tickets, everything. Since I'm fortunate to attend SEMA every year, Goldrush Rally debuts their documentary during SEMA week, where they also announced the route for the next rally. At the screening for their 10th anniversary documentary, when I heard them say Atlanta as the third stop, I gasped.

Seven months later and after a seven year break, Goldrush Rally made their triumphant return to Atlanta. One by one, they arrived at TopGolf for their fan experience. And the fans were more than excited to see them.... and I was standing in the rain with them.

Atlanta isn't like New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, or Miami. There are supercars here, but there's not a lot. Yes there's Lamborghini Aventadors, McLaren 720s, MAYBE a Porsche 918 etc but to see a Pagani Huyura in Atlanta only happens once a year... if that. Yes, Atlanta has Ferrari 488s, but to see a Ferrari 812 Superfast is still rare, unless you work at the Ferrari dealership. Aside from the cars, the other aspect of the rally that stands out are the participants. They just want to have fun and they have fun driving city to city, meeting everyone who is there to greet them. Although they're not related, the participants love each other like family.

While at TopGolf, I ran into Aimee, who is the marketing director of Goldrush Rally and she told me where the participants were staying and what time they were scheduled to depart the following morning. The next morning at 7 am, I pulled up to the Ritz Carlton in downtown Atlanta to get photos of the cars that didn't go to TopGolf. This isn't the first time I was in a parking deck photographing rally cars, and it certainly won't be the last time.

In true Goldrush Rally fashion, the participants had the Atlanta Police Department (after they got their photos of course) escort them to Interstate 75/85 where they drove to their next stop, which was Cincinnati, Ohio (460 miles, about 7 hour drive). Told you they drive.

To see the rest of the photos, check out Bernie's 2019 GoldRush Rally: Atlanta gallery. And yes, I will be front and center at the screening of this year's documentary.
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