2013 Dub Car Show Schedule is officially out...

Jan 30, 2013

... but you and I both know that it's not set in stone.

January 19-27th: Philadelphia, PA (inside of Philly's Auto Show)  Already passed. Lo siento.

April 5th-7th: Greatest City Ever. Sorry, I'm a little biased, but New York, NY (inside of NYIAS)

April 7th: Los Angeles, CA (hope there's no shootouts)

April 27th: Memphis, TN (Will definitely bring a large crowd)

May 19th: Miami, FL

June 1st: Charlotte, NC

June 16th: Deep in the heart of Dallas, TX (That'll be a good one)

June 22nd: Chicago, IL (That'll be a good one)

July 27th: Atlanta, GA (*side eye*)

August 11th: Anaheim, CA

October 13th: Phoenix, AZ

And of the best stop of all...

November 5-8th: Las Vegas, Nevada at SEMA.

Based off of last years photos, cause you know I looked at all of the photos. Vegas will be the best one for obvious reasons. Anaheim is an extremely close second, but I see it's later in the year (probably have to work around the Angels' schedule. Not like the Angels are going to do well anyway. Go Yankees.) Dallas, Chicago, Phoenix, and Los Angeles are tied for third. Charlotte is a crap shoot- Could be good, could be bad. Atlanta and Memphis will make money because people really just want to see the concert. Miami will be good if it's outside- since Florida boys have their their own time schedule. They'll get there when they feel like it. The Philly and New York will suck because they're inside of an auto show- which means it'll only be a small section.

And why did Dub get rid of the Englishtown, NJ tour stop??? I had fun at that one... I just realized something... what happened to Houston?

P.S. After seeing this, I'm not sure which ones I'll attend.

West Coast Customs Shows off an Audi R8

Jan 29, 2013

Customization giants, West Coast Customs, released photos of one of their newest completed projects- an almost blacked out Audi R8. Although I'm a sucker for a completely blackout vehicle, this still looks great. Check this out...

I'm trying to remember if I ever seen a completely blacked out Audi R8. No matter how hard West Coast Customs tries with Audi R8, they'll never beat the Tron Audi that they've done a couple of years ago.

Forgiato Wheels Shows off an Aston Martin

Thanks to Dirk A, Forgiato Wheels can show off some great photos of an Aston Martin. This matte white Vantage is sitting on their Dieci-M wheels in smoke Satin. Check this out...

That matte white looks great...

Bernie's Favorite: CEC Wheels selling Tiffany Blue Bentley Continental GTC

Jan 24, 2013

If Holly Golightly was a real person, THIS would be her car. CEC Wheels released information about an extremely gorgeous Bentley Continental GTC. This isn't just any ol' Bentley Continental GTC. Let's run though this...

What we have here is a 2013 Bentley Continental GTC V8 Beverly Hills Limited Edition car. The new 4.0 liter twin turbocharged V8 engine profuces 500 horsepower at 60000 rpm and 487 lb ft of torque. Combine those specs with the new 8 speed automatic transmission and is capable of traveling over 500 miles on a single tank of gas. 

This Bentley was customized exclusively for the Bentley of Beverly Hills. The paint is a Celeste Blue Pearlescent, similiar to the iconic Tiffany & Co Blue. The Tiffany Bentley is wearing 22 inch CEC c881 wheels in your choice of Liquid Silver or Matte Black (Bernie says go with Liquid Silver.) and wrapped in Continental Tire's ExtremeContact ultra high performance all-season tires. 

I love this car, but if only it had a chrome grille instead of a black one.

If I was going to be in Beverly Hills on my birthday (aka this weekend), I would definitely go to CEC Wheels just to see this car. And photograph it. And test drive it. Also, this car shouldn't be in Beverly Hills.  It belongs in the city that has the flagship store of Tiffany's. If Tiffany & Co. was gangsta enough, they would buy it and use it for events. Yes I did use Tiffany's and gangsta in the same sentence.

ADV.1 Wheels Shows off a Lamborghini LP570

Jan 22, 2013

ADV.1 Wheels strikes again. This time, they're showing off a matte black Lamborghini LP570. According to ADV.1, the owner decided to order the car in matte black paint, strapped a few turbo's to it, refinished the calipers wit Verde Ithaca green paint, strapped insane carbon bucket seats in it, and added a set of matte black ADV05.1 SL Monoblock's in a staggered 20x8.5 20x12 setup. 

Butler Tire Shows off a Chevy Corvette

Chevrolet Corvette Gran Sport with 20in Front and 22in Rear Asanti AF166 Wheels

My favorite Atlanta customizers released photos of a Chevy Corvette Gran Sport. Butler Tire added Asanti AF166's and color matched them. Check this out...

Chevrolet Corvette Gran Sport with 20in Front and 22in Rear Asanti AF166 Wheels

Chevrolet Corvette Gran Sport with 20in Front and 22in Rear Asanti AF166 Wheels

Chevrolet Corvette Gran Sport with 20in Front and 22in Rear Asanti AF166 Wheels

Chevrolet Corvette Gran Sport with 20in Front and 22in Rear Asanti AF166 Wheels

Fun to drive, but I have no desire to owning a Corvette. But yes I did push it to the limit in one on GA's Highway 400.

Yes!!! MC Customs Customizes a Melky Cabrera's Range Rover!!!

Jan 21, 2013

Sorry for my excitement, but it's Melky Cabrera. Former NY Yankee and Robinson Cano's BFF, Melky Cabrera took his Range Rover to Miami's own MC Customs. As you can see, there's a contrasting black roof, complete Strut Package, and some wheels that I can't identify... I wish I could see the interior.

In a perfect world, Cabrera would be back with the Yankees instead of the Toronto Blue Jays. I know we're not living in a perfect world and I'm more heartbroken that there's trade rumors involving Robinson Cano.

Ultimate Auto Shows off a Completely Customized Matte Gold Jeep

Last week I showed you a Range Rover that Ultimate Auto customized. This time, I'm showing you a matte gold Jeep that they put their touches on. According to Ultimate Auto, the customizations include  matte pearl gold, gloss candy gold, and gloss gold and black BASF glasurit paint, Vellano 24" 3 piece wheels, super swamped M-16 tires 40x14.5x24, rigid industries LED Lighting, 4" lift with candy coated fox shocks, JL Audio 20 speakers, UA design fold metal fenders, UA design glass roof, UA power side steps, and US design custom interior with rear bucket seats

This looks GREAT!!!! The glass roof freaks me out, but I love the creativity behind the sound system, which is what really won me over.  I'm freaked out about the roof because I'm scared of thunder and lightning. Stuff like this gets me excited.

Forgiato Wheels Shows Off a Mercedes CLS63

The guys at Forgiato released photos of a gorgeous black and gray Mercedes Benz CLS63 wearing their even more high end F2.01 Wheels.

Forgiato itself is high end, and their F line is even higher than their original line. Needless to say,  this Mercedes is gorge.

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