How to Cheapen a Bentley Continental GT by The Game

Jan 15, 2013

Photo by Jonathan Mannion... The Great
 Los Angeles rapper The Game released a tragic photo yesterday. Before I get into the photo, let's recap  on The Game's last couple of cars.

He had the leather-wrapped Ferrari that you can't drive in the rain...

This wasn't bad... the Gold Porsche Panamera. It was different, but still tasteful. But somewhere after this Porsche and the reality show which I still didn't understand came this tragic mess...

Presenting a Orange 2013 Bentley Continental GT with a HORRID body kit and painted a HORRID color. Yes- how the car was painted looks great, but that color of a $165,000 (remember, this isn't the Flying Spur). I'm convinced that The Game has no real friends and only has yes men in his camp. And that Ladies and Gentlemen is a prime example of how to cheapen a Bentley.

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