Galpin Auto Sports Shows off new Wide-bodied Shelby GT500 at Barrett-Jackson

Jun 29, 2012

Last week at Barrett Jackson OC, Galpin Auto Sports unveiled their newest creation... a Wide-Bodied Shelby GT500. Now, this isn't like the wide-bodied Shelby Super Snake from SEMA that I graciously offered to GAS to relieve them of that burden, but this one is different. 

It looks like the GT500 was created to be slightly wider than the Super Snake. According to the folks at (because they literally know all things related to Mustangs), "The all-metal body panels add an incredible ten inches to the car – wider than any Mustang they’ve done – covering huge 20-inch three piece Forgiato wheels,  20×11.5 front and 20×13 rear, wrapped with Pirelli P-Zero tires, 295/30/20 front, 335/30/20 rear. The car also features a Ford Racing suspension and Bassani exhaust system."

GAS keeps their booth design consistant. At first, I thought these photos were from SEMA. But the one thing I love about Galpin Auto Sport, is that they customize a lot of Ford Mustangs. Most customization shops don't deal with that many Mustangs in their span of business compared to what GAS does in a year. 

Oddly enough, I like the Super Snake a little bit better. 

Vossen Wheels Presents a Short Film For Your Viewing Pleasure

Jun 28, 2012

So the guys at Vossen Wheels released a short film featuring a Mercedes Benz CLS63 AMG wearing their VVS-CV3 Wheels. Check it out, it's great...

I love her way her apartment was designed. Very Miami. However I do love the body of the CL models. Always have, always will. I hope she was driving off to get a sandwich. I'm sorry, I just had to say it. 

Tyga's New Ride: A Matte Red Ferrari California

Horrible photo from Tyga's Instagram.

Well after that ugly debacle called the Gold Chrome Audi R8, Tyga redeemed himself. First, he went to West Coast Customs. Two, he went to West Coast Customs with a Ferrari California. The end result- A matte red paint job with black Asanti wheels.

Not bad, not bad at all. One thing I can say is that Ryan and his crew will never cheapen a car, and they won't have you riding around looking like an idiot.  Oh and watch the video...

A Chevy Camaro sitting on 28s by MC Customs

This isn't my cup of tea, but it's not about me, it's about what you'se guys like.

Well, MC Customs released photos of a donked-out Chevy Camaro. This particular Camaro is sitting on Forgiato's... of course, sized 28's... of course, and color matched... of course. But hey, it's not for me to understand, it's a Florida thing. And if they like it, I love it... as long as it's done right. Bernie doesn't like sloppy cars.

A Camaro that I would need a step ladder to get into. Yes, I'm a bit vertically challenged. I do love how each area has their own thing, and the donks are a Southern thing. It is more popular in Florida, but it has migrated into other parts of the South.

Hey, where's your coverage from the 2012 V-103 Car and Bike Show?

Jun 27, 2012

Well, glad you asked. This year, I wasn't feeling it. I went, but I honestly wasn't thrilled like how I am with other car shows. (Note: With car shows, I'm like a little kid on Christmas day.) It was all wrong.

I guess they thought it was cool to leave it on the hitch.

First up, there's only two radio stations in Atlanta that plays Rap and R&B music, and V-103 chose to have their car show the same exact day as the competition's Birthday Bash Concert. Splitting that demographic wasn't smart because naturally people was going to go to Birthday Bash and partake in the events leading up to it- including the guys who had better cars that was featured in the show. Guys know how girls in Atlanta are, and most girls (not women) are attracted to shiny things, regardless if it's real or not. So of course, they would rather drive around and see how many girls they can pull.

Because of the first comment, there were more bikes than cars there. And the cars that were there, were mostly wheel and tire customizations. That's okay for a Bugatti, but for a Dodge Charger??? Bernie doesn't like wheel and tire shows, if that's the case, I would go to a car dealership.

Three, some of the cars there shouldn't have been there. Like this Dodge Magnum with the crappy matte black paint job. I have never painted cars. I've only painted my condo, and powder coated a wheel at SEMA, but I'm smart enough to know that paint jobs should be done even. I didn't photoshop anything in this photo, that's how uneven the car was painted. AND it looks like it took them five minutes to paint it.

Four: the reason why I liked this particular show in previous years is that the radio personalities put their cars in the show. The only personality from V-103 that put anything in the show was Greg Street. No Frank and Wanda and No Ryan Cameron. Major no no.

Five: Because they scheduled the show the same day as Birthday Bash, naturally the performers were going to go to Birthday Bash and perform for a larger crowd and get more money. Duh, I know I would have if I had any musical abilities. The car and bike show has pulled big names to perform- Rick Ross has been the headliner, so has TI. This year it was R Kelly, what song has he had since I moved to Atlanta? Step in the Name of Love was good, but it wasn't that good. What I'm saying is that they needed to go back to what worked in the past. Even Fat Joe pulled a bigger crowd and we're not on Trinity Ave in the Bronx.

SIX: WHY WASN'T  BABY'S, BIRDMAN'S, BRYAN WILLIAMS' BUGATTI and MAYBACH ROPED OFF FROM THE VERY START??? I know he can afford those cars, but don't allow kids with sticky hands and women with mile long nails to touch the cars. Auto Extremes had it correct from the beginning by roping off T-Pain's Bugatti. Duh, that's common sense. Halfway through the show, they decided to rope off both cars, but that should have been done before the doors opened to the public.

Seven: They did a last minute pull in, where if you wanted to be a part of the show, you could have arrived between 8am- 11am. But they didn't tell everyone that, so cars like this...

... couldn't be a part of it or they had to park outside, because they didn't tell anyone. And yes, they drove from Florida to be a part of the show.

Granted they still have a huge turnout. Girls bought out Rainbow, 5-7-9, Rave, Dots, Citi Trends and all the other $10 or less clothing stores in Atlanta to make sure they were seen.

Next year, I'm showing up when they're pulling the cars in, because I'm not going to be caught dead with the crowd that was there. And that's why I only showed off the photos on this page and not on my gallery because this show wasn't my best work. As a published photographer in print media that's sold worldwide, I'm big enough to admit that.

Always glad to run into Block and his donkasaurus... but I know there's a lot of guys who are ready to battle Block on the donk game.

Completely Customized Mustang GT sold for $50000 at Barrett Jackson

The next time I need a car, I’m just going to wait and head to Barrett Jackson. No exaggeration- at the Orange Country show… a fully customized 2012 Mustang GT with super low miles- with the customizations done at a very reputable shop sold for $50,600. 

Per Our Friends at

"This 2010 Ford Mustang GT convertible was created by Galpin Auto Sports and featured in Ford’s booth at the 2009 SEMA show in Las Vegas, as well as in Mustangs and Fast Fords Magazine August 2010 issue, Top 10 SEMA Rides for 2009, Mustangs and Fast Fords Magazine Top 10 Mustangs of 2010 and Mustangsand Fast Fords 2010 calendar. Styling features include GAS hand-fabricated, all-metal wide body exterior that adds a total of 6 to the width of the vehicle, as well as a PPG custom two tone gloss black and pearl Grabber Blue paint with silver accents. This is a true American thrill machine. The GAS team added a Ford Racing 550hp supercharger, Ford Racing handling pack, Hurst shifter, JPC 1-piece aluminum driveshaft and a McLeod aluminum flywheel and dual disc clutch. The faster you go, the quicker you are going to need to stop, so GAS installed Wilwood brakes and 20 Forgiato aluminum Mono Leggera Pinzette wheels with high performance Pirelli tires. Interior details include custom leather seats, Ford Racing custom backlit door sill plates and a JL audio sound system with 900 watts. This amazing car is equally exhilarating whether you are on the road with the top down or in the city for a night on the town. Added factory options include navigation, exhaust system and Grant steering wheel. 6,080 original miles."

In a nutshell, Galpin Auto Sports spared no expense when it came to the customization with this Mustang.

The person who won the auction with this vehicle saved a lot of money. The Kelly Blue Book set the value of this car at $28,900 (as of June 2012). Then if you add the customizations, and by the looks of it, it was at least $40,000 worth of work alone (I said $40,000 because GAS basically stripped the car and started all over again). So that marks the total to roughly $68,900 Mustang that was won, but the winner only spent $50,000.

And that's why I'm going to Barrett-Jackson the next time I purchase a vehicle... maybe. 
Remember I do want a Pink Ford Mustang Boss 302 Edition. What are the odds of them having that? 

Butler Tire Shows off a Fisker Karma

Jun 26, 2012

Fisker Karma with 24in Asanti AF164 Wheels

The car that's becoming more and more popular each day, has pulled into Butler Tire. No strangers to customizing all differnet types of vehicles, the new high-end Fisker Karma received the special treatment that Butler Tire is known for. They outfitted this FK with Asanti's AF164 Wheels in 24 inches.

Fisker Karma with 24in Asanti AF164 Wheels

Fisker Karma with 24in Asanti AF164 Wheels

Fisker Karma with 24in Asanti AF164 Wheels

Those AF164s really complimented this car....

Forgiato Shows off Two New Wheel Designs

The busy guys at Forgiato released two videos of their new designs both under their new collection entitled Diamante. The first video highlights their Galassia Wheel. Check this out...

The second video shows off their new Scudo wheel. Check this out as well...

The videos look great!!!

25 Celebrities and their Porsche Panameras by Complex Magazine

Sylvester Stallone and his Panamera

Complex Magazine always comes up with great Top 25, Top 50, and Top 100 lists. This time around, they came up with "25 Celebrities and their Porsche Panameras". Everyone knows that the Porsche Panamera is the "it car" for those who have the upwards of $100,000 for it.  And everyone else knows that number 22 on this list should be number 1!!!!

So click here to check out the list for youself.

Vossen Wheels Shows off an Acura ZDX

Acura ZDX - VVSCV1

Vossen Wheels released photos of an Acura ZDX sitting on their VVS-CV1 wheels. I always was fond of the Acura ZDX. You don't see too many of them on the road, plus the rear has a boomerang look to it. This particular ZDX has on the Matte Black Machined version of the VVS-CV1 sized 22x10.5.

Acura ZDX - VVSCV1

Acura ZDX - VVSCV1

Acura ZDX - VVSCV1

Looking super cute....

Vossen Wheels shows off a Fully Customized Maserati Quatroporte

Jun 22, 2012

Masareti Quatroporte - VVSCV1

The guys at Vossen Wheels released photos of a completely customized Maserati Quatroporte. The customizations were done by CDC Performance. CDC outfitted this Maserati with Vossen's VVSCV1 Wheels- 20x9s in the front, 20x10.5s in the rear, along with a completely customized interior. Check. This. Out...

Masareti Quatroporte - VVSCV1

Masareti Quatroporte - VVSCV1

Masareti Quatroporte - VVSCV1

Masareti Quatroporte - VVSCV1

Masareti Quatroporte - VVSCV1

Masareti Quattroporte - VVSCV1

Masareti Quatroporte - VVSCV1

Bernie's Barrett Jackson: Orange County Picks

The greatest Automotive auction is returning to Orange County!!! This weekend, Barrett Jackson will auction off some gorgeous, mostly vintage cars. One day, I will make it there, but until then, I'll feature my favorite picks that's on the chopping block.

First up, this gorgeous 2005 Ford Mustang GT Platt & Payne Signature edition. Located on lot 1002, all of the proceeds will go to benefit the Darrell Gwynn Foundation. So whomever buys this Mustang will help others as well. Two for the price of one!!!

Next up, 1 1954 Land Rover Fire Truck straight from New Zealand!!! And get this... it comes with a ladder rack and hose. It runs and drives like a 1954 Land Rover and is so much fun to own and show. Remember, this is a right-hand drive vehicle. The siren works, the lights all work. The New Zealand license plate is original. I'm jealous.

Presenting a 1951 Ford Victoria 2 Door Hardtop, and isn't it gorge??? Completely restored from the frame up. All receipts for restoration, photos, manuals, books and sales brochure are included. This could potentially replace my dream 1953 Pontiac Star Chief, but the Star Chief has significance.

The 1961 Chrysler 300G Convertible. Original Black Plate car with original body panels and interior leather inserts. Very rare 300 in excellent condition. 413 Cross-Ram engine. It's beautiful, isn't it?

A 1965 Ford Mustang Custom 2 Door Coupe. *stands up and claps* A beautiful built Mustang reborn with a freshened restoration with upgrades. Blue and white exterior with blue and white pony interior. If I had the money, this would be mine.

1968 American Motors AMX Custom 2 Door Coupe. Finished in the same color combo as the 1968 Playboy Playmate of the Year car. Equipped with the 390cid "Go Pack" option and OEM automatic transmission. Optioned well having high bucket seats with headrests, side pipe exhaust and magnum finished wheels. The color pink has been growing on me lately. Probably because it's really not a common color.

A 1962 Chevy Corvette Convertible. Frame-off restoration with all matching numbers. This stunning car is configured with white over red. The last year of the C1.

1959 CADILLAC COUPE DE VILLE 2 DOOR COUPE. Very well restored and sorted out Cadillac icon with air conditioning. Correct interior and drives very well, as the engine and all mechanicals are newly rebuilt. From the Dee Elias Collection. That Persian Sand color looks like a pinkish-purple to me.

1968 FIAT 500L TARGA. Purchased from original owner. All original. Fun car. Tan with tan interior. 499cc 2 cylinder engine with 20hp and 7.1 compression ratio. Estimated mpg is 40-55 miles on regular fuel. VIN in front of trunk. 59,324 original kilometers, which is less than 37,000 original miles.

We all know I'm a little strange, so I had to add the 1963 Volkswagen Split Window Safari Bus. Wonderfully restored 1963 split window bus in Turkis and white exterior and Como and Phosphor Green interior. Restored with meticulous attention to detail inside and out. All windows on the bus have been replaced with safari style glass including front windshields and the rare small back glass. Powered by a 1,600cc German crate motor and a 4-speed transmission this bus runs and drive beautifully. I know, I'm a strange girl.

There were A LOT OF MUSTANGS AND CAMAROS FOR SALE!!!! Every body style of each vehicle was for auction. There's still 400 cars left to show off (and click here to see them). If I were to make it to any Barrett Jackson auction, I would rather go to Scottsdale, Arizona. I haven't checked out the Vegas lineup or the Palm Beach one, but it seems like Scottsdale has better cars for auction. I know one thing, I saw quite a few Chevelles up for auction. If they knew what I know, they could have shipped it to Atlanta and someone would have bought them in a heartbeat. Chevelles from 1969-1972 are GOD in Atlanta. It's like what Bel-Airs are to Los Angeles. But Orange County doesn't have that many cars where the model year is prior to 1960.

P.S. But the one thing I like about the Orange County auction more than the Scottsdale one, other than the fact that Orange County is next door to Los Angeles County, but Most of the cars are up for grabs, they didn't bid before the auction like they do at the Scottsdale.
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