Yaaay!!! LA Cops Seizes Will.I.Am's Ugly DeLorean

Jun 20, 2012

For the first time EVER, Los Angeles Police Department have done something right. Earlier this year, Will.I.Am had the stupid idea to start an automotive company that produces ugly vehicles like the one pictured above. Anyone with vision can see that this is one ugly car.

So a few days ago, Will.I.Am is driving around LA and he gets stopped. Cop asked for license and registration, and he could only produce one out of two of those items. It turns out that he couldn't provide plates, registration, or even a VIN for the car. Ipso facto, it was extremely illegal to drive. AND... authorities did a little research and found out the parts on the custom car haven't been registered for about 10 years. If LAPD is smart, they would drop it off at a chop shop and keep it moving. But LA doesn't have a mafia presence (only gangs), so there goes that idea.

P.S. Hey LAPD, could you be nice and give him back the Beats by Dre speakers? That's the only great thing about the car.

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