Oldie but Goodie: Dubs And Tires Shows off a Camaro SS

Sep 24, 2012

Now, this is a gem. Dubs and Tires released a video about two years ago of a completely customized Chevy Camaro SS. With this video, I had a bit of a soft heart. Although it did get a little sloppy around the 1:40 mark, however, the guy who filmed it used the opportunity as a video business card. He walked you though the customizations that were done to it, he was gracious to not show the owner (gotta appreciate a person who respects a person's wishes to not be on camera) and the video was spontaneous- a rainy day at a gas station. All in all, despite the circumstances, the video did was it was suppose to do- show everyone what Dubs and Tires are made of...

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