Recapping the Dub Magazine Project: Season 2, Episode 4

Nov 20, 2012

I do like how they’ve switched up Tyga’s location. Instead of having him standing along side of a car like they did with the Game, they at least had him in the driver’s seat of a Bentley. Could very well be the Bentley that West Coast Customs did for him. But sadly, this is the last week for Tyga being the host…

First segment belonged to DJ Afro Jack as he leaves out of a hotel, hops into a Ferrari 458 Italia, driving around a familiar city… Las Vegas. As cute as he is, he didn’t talk about cars, so on to the next segment.

Travis Pastramo was filmed behind the scenes at a Dub Magazine Shoot. Aside from there, he takes you on a super behind the scenes look inside the Nascar world- from the building of cars, on the track, etc. He drives one expensive Toyota Camry… then again, I’m definitely positive that it’s nothing like the one my dad drives.

Dub Garage teamed up with Philly’s Killer Kreations as they take us into the creation of the bike for everyone’s favorite DJ- Pauly D. The first bike  that they did for him was for show, but they’re really redoing the bike for Pauly… who rides bikes just as much as he drives. KK cramed it into 4 days, but will they finish??? And most importantly, will they show Pauly D??? Side note: I loved how Myles Kovacs threw most customization shops under the bus by saying “Dub Garage does believe in collaborating with other shops”

Best Segment: Mister Cartoon started out as a graffiti artist and it inspires everything that he does. Driving around in a 1948 Chevy Fleetwood (Rendered priceless), he takes Dub into his studio—in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. There is where he did his photoshoot with Estevan Oriol… the great, as well as showing off the 1963 Milk Truck (again, rendered priceless). The number one thing I do respect about Mister Cartoon is that with his car customizations to his tattoos to his graffiti, it’s that it’s all done by freehand. No tracing, no stenciling, no Photoshop, no Abobe Illustrator. He didn’t take the easy way out, he just followed the advice that is just as priceless as his vehicles… Practice makes perfect. But I often wonder, what is the newest vehicle that Mister Cartoon own?

The shop segment went to Auto Extremes in Conyers, GA. The one stop custom shop that they do everything… even oil changes. Co owned by T-Pain, they discussed one of their famous projects, the joker mobile- which was a 72 Impala with a big block engine, took about a year to do since T-Pain is so fickle and couldn’t come up with the customizations that he wanted done.

It’s GUCCI!!! Time out—Gucci was in a movie? Oh lawd… I was honestly surprised to see Gucci was really pushing that Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8. The reason why because his past cars were, how should I say it? To quote him, “All my cars are immigrants” meaning all his cars were foreign ones. So to see him driving something American was a change, but then again, he was driving a Hummer when he pushed that woman out of it while it was moving… 

Here’s the episode and we’ll see how Machine Gun Kelly does next week...

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