813 Customs Shows off Gold Chromed Camaro

Nov 21, 2012

First 813 Customs brought you a chromed Chevy Camaro, and now they're back again with another Camaro. But this time, it's gold chromed one wearing 30 inch Forgiato Maschili wheels with a money green interior. Also, check out the TVs that pops up from behind the back seat. Make sure you thank Linny J for shooting this video.

Fact of the day, although 813 Customs is in the heart of Tampa, the owner of the shop is from Staten Island, New York. Oddly enough, there's probably as many New York bred people living in Florida as there are in New York.

Thought of the moment: how come there's not a 718 Customs, 631 Customs, 516 Customs, 646 Customs, 914 Customs, 917 Customs, 347 Customs, etc. You noticed a trend? If now, I just named 7 out of 9 of the area codes in metro New York. There is a 212 Customs and a 929 Customs but of course, they're not in New York. I know I know, I'm such a New Yorker.

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