Recapping Episode Five of Funkmaster Flex's Full Throttle (with Fabolous)

Jun 7, 2011

This weekend was episode five of Full Throttle with Flex's Special Guest being Fabolous. The episode was surrounded by Fab as well as Flex's gift to him: 1965 Plymouth Belvedere.

I like Flex's ability to find a car that has seen better days and to flip it to where it'll look good. He's found a Belvedere: a car that's not the typical old school car. Since it was a rare old school car, Fab went with an exterior color on a car that was rare for him to have, since his previous cars have mostly been black. Flex has a huge advantage when it comes to muscle cars, especially the older ones. With the older ones, he can do more with them and show some originality and personality, and it's not the same "cookie cutter customizations" like he does with the newer body Ford Mustang.

They agreed and went with a performance red from Dupli Color. Flex then went to Performance Auto in NY and they created a unique set of wheels that will really stand out. Finally, Flex's crew added a Sony digital sound system, improved the engine, etc. You know Flex never releases the entire specs of a car.

I liked the interview with Fabolous, because it started off about cars and driving. One of the questions was what car did he want before he became famous, and his answer was a Mercedes CLK 500. He didn't exactly get the car once he had the money to. He stepped up and got the CL 500. That "K" makes a world of difference. According to Fab, the CLK gives off the appearance that you have money, while the CL shows that you do have money. Lesson for today.

Here's the full episode:

Bonus Clip:

All in all, it was a good episode. I mean, it wasn't as good as episode four, but I only liked that episode for the eye candy.

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