Oh No! How to Make A Nissan Juke Ugly By Impul

Jun 7, 2011

I noticed this hot mess on Car and Driver's site. Normally I'm all for customizations as well as anything that has to do with the Nissan Juke. HOWEVER, I do have one requirement: At the very least, make it look good. Case in point:

The person to blame is Kazuyoshi Hoshino. The man responsible for the Calsonic Nissan racers familiar to Gran Turismo aficionados worldwide, Hoshino also runs Impul, a tuning house specializing in Nissan products. While the actual power figures are unknown, Impul’s Juke package apparently includes a software upgrade for both the turbo and the we-don’t-get-it-here naturally aspirated 1.6. What is visible is an obnoxious wing, a grille where it looks like it was stolen for Hyundai, and a lower-body kit that presumably somehow improves downforce. The only thing that looks decent on this tragic vehicle is the wheels. The new 19 inch wheels are outfitted by 245/40 tires, which replaced the factory 17 inch wheels. Of course, the Asanti AF143's would have looked better.

You know what? Let me finish my rant and raving about this. Rear spoilers do not look good on vehicles that are bigger, or in this case taller, than a full size car. It never looks good. I hate body kits on 75% of all vehicles anyway, so yes this falls in the 75 percentile. If you're going to customize a car, please do not jack, steal, borrow a grille from another car manufacturers, and not change it. You can see the H in the grille. I would have chose a better set of wheels to be honest. The only thing I liked is the Juke... when it was a factory vehicle, and the pinstriping that says Impul. Everything else? Fuhgeddaboudit (Forget about it in my native tongue).

Seriously, this is a boiling hot ass mess. Kazuyoshi Hoshino: I'mma need you to do better.

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