Car Show Coverage: 2011 Dub Car Show: Houston

Jun 3, 2011


A few weeks ago, the DUB Car Show tour made their annual stop into Houston, TX. Thankfully, the guys at DUB shot some photos and uploaded them to their flickr account. Here's the best of the bunch...

DSC02865 (I'm wondering why she looks so mean)

DSC02798 (Paint job is gorgeous, and I'm one of the few chicks who doesn't consider Pink as her favorite color)

DSC02794 (I wonder if Swift Car Club has their own car show. If they did, I would fly to wherever it is.)


DSC02951 (I'm not a fan of the angle that the photographer shot this photo)

DSC02966 (Matte black is growing on me more and more, but it only looks good on the right car)

DSC02959 (It looks like they changed the way the trunk opens. Leave it to DUB to not photograph it)

DSC02700 (Nokturnal has some great cars too. I wonder if they have their own shows)

DSC03108 (Even skinny Paul Wall supports them)

DSC02662 (Now your six year old can stunt too...)

DSC03299 (They look like they would be a fun group of people)

DSC02823 (Nice graphics)

DSC02821 (I wouldn't be surprised if this was the only Ford Five Hundred that's customized. But at least it's fully customized)

DSC03274 (Can't forget Flocka)


All in all, this didn't look like a bad show. I need to go to Texas.

For the rest of the photos, check out Dub Magazine's Flickr Album of the Dub Car Show: Houston

P.S. The stars at night, are big and bright... *claps four times* Deep in the heart of Texas. It's a shame that I learned that watching Pee Wee's Big Adventure.

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