Johan Santana's Mercedes Benz S600

Sep 28, 2011

(Note: This is the BEFORE photo)

While strolling on Facebook, I came across some hot photos. Johan Santana, pitcher of the lesser loved of the two New York MLB teams, went to MC Customs of Miami to get his Mercedes Benz S600 fully customized. I love how MC Customs does a play by play of all of the customizations through photography. Check out the photos...

Even with that body kit and excessive side vents, this Mercedes S600 looks GOOD!!! I wonder if MC Customs tinkered with the interior?

P.S. I confess: I had to wikipedia to find out his position that he plays on the Mets. Who really follows the Mets other than those who are from Queens and Nassau Counties? I know I could care less about the Mets...

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