Recapping the Dub Magazine Project Series

Sep 1, 2011

I understand why this was MTV2 #1 original show. Originally I thought it would have been straight cars, but like I've previous said, it was a mix of automotive and lifestyle, just like their magazine.

-Having the Game as the host wasn't a bad idea, especially because he's been on the cover more times than I can remember.
-The "Under the Hood" segment was great since it gave an inside look into businesses that create popular aftermarket parts that everyone loves.
-Didn't like Shaq's overdramatic role. Hope they feature a different client in the next season. He could have easily went to the shop to pick up the Mustang, it's not like he doesn't have anything else to do.
-Still loved Amber Rose's segment. Wished it was longer...
-As far as the rest of the celebrities, I wished they would have ventured from those who already have had articles about them in the magazine, since it felt like the video version of the interview. (See Wiz Khalifa segment) However, it did give an insight of who the person is aside from their persona that they play. I've been around enough rappers within the past four years to correctly state that the things they rap about doesn't necessarily occur within their lives.

At the end of the day, watching this show wasn't a waste of time. There wasn't another show like this on the air, so it was a breath of fresh air.

Now if Dub can only get the media access passes correct... One could only dream.

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