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Sep 12, 2011

September 11th 2001 is a day that no one will ever forget. I remember exactly what I was doing at 8:45am that Tuesday morning. I was in school- a senior to be exact on Long Island. When the towers was hit, I wondered was my sister alright, seeing how she worked in Tower 2 on the 16th floor on that particular day....

Kicker Audio decided to join forces and pay tribute to September 11th by taking a donated and funded Silverado by General Motors, customizing it, and unveiled it at Ground Zero on September 6 for families and friends who lost loved ones 10 years ago.

“It was an absolute privilege for KICKER to be involved in this tribute project,” KICKER global trainer John Myers said. “We’re an American
audio company, headquartered in the heart of the U.S., so we wanted to provide this jaw-dropping truck with an audio system that matched its
heart-felt paint job which commemorates those who risked their lives for this nation.”

The Silverado 2500HD Crew Cab was gorgeously airbrushed by Mickey Harris, an internationally renowned artist identified by his intricate
detail work. On the truck body, Harris painted memorable depictions of 9/11 first responders in action, as well as symbols of American
freedom. A 13 ½-foot, reverse tonneau cover displays the names of more than 400 first responders.

“I love my nation, and the first responders deserve to be recognized as the brave heroes that they are,” Harris said.

Knowing impeccable sound would be a huge part of the presentation, Harris requested KICKER for the Chevy’s audio source. Within the
months spent on the project at Mountain Muscle Cars in Cosby, Tenn., 2 ½ weeks were put aside to install the audio system.

Myers and KICKER acoustic engineer Deon Bearden designed both an internal audio system and an external one for paramount effect. They
loaded four 15-inch CompVX subwoofers into a 49-cubic-foot, tapped-horn enclosure, with each driver powered by its own IX-Series 1,000-
watt mono amplifier.

Externally, mounted between the cab and running boards are three pairs of KM6500.2 HLCD (horn-loaded compression-driver) Tower Speaker
Systems and two additional pairs of KM6500 midrange speakers, which are all driven by four space-saving IX500.2 stereo amps. Sixteen
wake-tower cans made for boats were also donated by KICKER dealer AudioFormz and owner Ronnie Cherry in Wills Point, Texas.

Two 300-amp Ohio Generator alternators and Kinetik high-current power cells help meet the system’s intense power demands.

Harris said other aftermarket products involved in the completion of the 9/11 Chevy include SATA spray-gun technology, Street Dreams
by Ross hinges for the reverse hood and tonneau cover, Transtar Autobody Technologies refinishing products, Westin Automotive truck
accessories, Whelen strobe lights and police sirens, Auto-Air Colors custom paints, Badger air-brush components, Bushwacker fender flares
and Hutchins Manufacturing air sanders.

KICKER personnel Tracy Focht and David Glasgow made the trip to Ground Zero September 6 to witness the unveiling of the first-responder
truck, while also sending thoughts and prayers from the entire KICKER family to those affected by 9/11. The Chevy will next make an
appearance at the Pentagon on the actual anniversary day and at the 2011 SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) Show in Las
Vegas this November.

I'm super anxious to see it in person and get some full photos as well. I know those who were less fortunate than I will appreciate the thoughts and prayers of those paying tribute. Some folks would have loved to be in my shoes since my sister made it out alive and well.

No matter what happens, I'm still proud to be a New Yorker and this story touched my heart.

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