Unique Rides Shows off a Jeep Wrangler

Jul 15, 2013

He's back!!!! One of my favorite car customizers, Will Castro, is back in the tri-state area. Miami didn't work out, and I'm gonna be honest, in my eyes (and in others) Miami was a mistake. When Unique Autosport was on Long Island, the work spoke for itself, and he had people coming out to LI just to get their car customized. Trust me, those with money only go to Long Island to go to the Hamptons, and I should know, I've lived on Long Island for almost 19 years.

Will started over with a new beginning, new name, in a new building, in a new state. Unique Rides is located in Ramsey, NJ- prime location because it's less than 30 miles away from Midtown Manahttan. One of the rides that he released photos for is a Jeep Wrangler that reminds me of a black and white cookie.

Can't wait to see what else comes out of Unique Rides...

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