Aston Martin Boss Confirms Lagonda’s Rebirth... and It Looks GREAT!!!

Mar 10, 2011

According to, Aston Martin CEO Dr. Ulrich Bez has confirmed that the company will indeed bring back the Lagonda brand, saying it was ‘go’ and that it ‘will not stand on one leg.’ Aston Martin is currently seeking financial backing for the Lagonda project and is also looking for a partner to provide platfrom and drivetrain technologies. Future Lagonda models will be all-wheel-drive SUVs and will target markets like China and Russia.

“Aston Martin is present in 35 countries but there are limits to where you can drive a sports car,” said Janette Green, Aston’s director of brand communications in an interview with AutoCar. “In Russia, for example, you need a car that can cope with difficult roads and harsh winters.” Bez said that the Lagonda range will span from $160,000 to $486,000 USD, helping it establish a new market for super-luxury SUVs.

As far as the Lagonda SUV Concept that received a bunch of negative press chief designer Reichman said “that was a reaction car. Iwas about provoking debate and gauging whether people were willing to accept Lagonda as a brand.” He said that 60 percent of people think that Lagonda is a viable brand but shouldn’t look like the Lagonda SUV Concept.

In the past, the Lagonda looked nothing like the Concept vehicle above. In fact, it was a four door sedan that was in production 1976-1989. No matter what year it came out, the Lagonda looked hideous, so I consider the new and improved Lagonda a major improvement.

Don't believe me?

I'll take my dad's former 1987 Maroon Chevy Celebrity over that one.

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