I Think I Found a New Love For Them Big Body Beemers

Jun 9, 2010

So a few days ago, I was hauling the 'Voy down GA-400 (That's nothing new) and I stopped at this shopping center in Buckhead. I pulled into a spot, looked up and fell in love with...

(Consumer Guide got some good photos, so I borrowed 4. Thanks guys.)

The 2010 BMW Siebener... I mean 7 series. You'se didn't know I knew German, you'se just thought I'm a chick with a New York Accent.

I'm gonna be honest, I never noticed it before, but this one stood out it was... you guessed it, black. The new model looks sleeker than the previous model 745i (Think of Ricky Ross' Cocaine White BMW. Whip it real hard. Whip it, whip it real hard). And I just stared at it. Thank goodness the owner didn't come out.

Let's discuss specs for this hotness.

4.4 L engine, 6 speed automatic with 400 horsies. 58 inches tall, about 200 inches long, and about 75 inches wide. Wheelbase is 120.9 inches (can fit 24s easily), but comes with stock 18s-20s. 0-60 mph in 5.0 sec with the top speed of 155 mph. It's not too bad on gas, about as bad as the 'Voy. The 750 does 15/22, the 750Li 14/21 and the 750Li AWD does 14/20. So if Bernie's pushing it in the A, about 12/16.

. So cute...

Alas, the MSRP: $82,000-86,000 for the 750i/750 Li. We won't discuss the 760 Li.

But honestly speaking...

I hate the woodgrain. Make mine with fiberglass with a side of Black Asanti AF 143 22s. Thanks, love you long time. So if my dreams of the Bentley Continental Supersports Convertible fall through, I found his replacement.

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