Bernie's Favorite: Bernie's Baby, Her Ray of Sunshine.

Jun 28, 2010

(Very good, Consumer Report)This isn't him, but it's his twin. He's the same exact color: Silver Green Metallic (GMC's version of Olive Green). Ain't he cute...

I consider my 2003 GMC Envoy SLT my baby. Sounds weird, but I can trust my truck more easily than I can with most people.

Other than the mere fact that when I get gas and if I don’t put the gas cap on super tight, the check engine light comes on, I don’t have any problems with him.

Let’s go over my Ray of Sunshine’s (ROS) Specs, shall we:

He is 191.6 inches long, 74.7 inches wide and he’s 6 feet tall (You know I like 'em tall). His wheelbase is only 113 inches, so I could put 24s on him, but I wouldn’t because it would be tight and by tight, I don’t mean hot. Plus with the way I move, it's best to go with 22s, even better would be 21s.

His engine is a 4.2L V6 that gives me 275 hp @ 6000 rpm, but he’s RWD. Fuel wise, forget it. He can take 22 gallons of gas, but his EPA claims to be 16 mpg City and 22 mpg highway. However when I take ROS on the road, I’ve gotten 12.5 city and 22.5 highway.

I lucked out and got the SLT one. Within the 2003 line, there’s only two: the base model which is the SLE, and then the more top of the line one, the SLT. The Denalis weren’t out yet, but that’s okay. So my interior has leather seats with the memory setting, woodgrain, Bose sound system, dual temperature settings, CD/Cassette player (Moms is mad that I still have a cassette player and she doesn’t, so she can’t play her “Best of Al Jerreau” Cassette). Oooh and he has On Star, but I never activated it, and the seats are uber comfy, especially on a road trip.

I thought about it but I wouldn’t trade him. He’s taken me all over the place. He helped me leave that god-awful Chatham County, He took me to New York to Florida, back and forth from Atlanta to Savannah, even up to Memphis and Louisville. I went to car shows, events, and video shoots, he even has a cameo a Plies video. And yes, he's been to Yankee Stadium. You already forgot who's SUV this is???)

But he can’t stay stock forever. I really need to get some tint on my front windows (not to be cool, but for SECURITY REASONS), since some guys are crazy. I would have to get the leather restored, but that's down the line. I want to upgrade the wheels: Maybe the Asanti AF 143 with some color matching going on. And I would love to keep his same unique color because he’s not a common color, but I want to enhance it with some candy coating, and replace the grill so that it’s not the black, hard plastic one. His body has normal wear and tear, but unfortunately when I took him to Strokers, one of the dancers took her keys to his passenger door. And I was heated when I first saw it. Why are girls jealous? Believe me, I don't want your job or your "clientele"...

I have some other things in mind for him, but you’ll have to stay tuned for that. But I will promise that he'll never have a body kit or altezza lights.

And he'll never look like this either. The right side of the vehicle in this photo didn't look much better either...

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