Body Kits’ Ugly Cousin… Altezza Lights.

Jun 4, 2010

You know exactly what I’m talking about. Those clear, red and yellow rear lights that’s also known as “Lexus Lights”.

These hideous lights got it’s name because the lights were first seen on the first generation Lexus IS, but in Japan, that same car was sold as the Toyota Altezza. The Altezza name just have been more identified with the lights than they were with the car, probably because we don't live in Japan.

Here’s why these lights set my soul on fire. You can buy them for every single type of vehicles. You can probably buy a set of Altezzas for a Pinto. Don’t get me wrong, they look good on the Lexus IS, even on the new Yukon Denali (standard on Yukons).

However, when you see them on Expeditions with the messed up body and spinners (Commonly seen in Gwinnett County, 30 miles north of downtown Atlanta). Oh and the absolute worse is when the light isn’t hooked up correctly, so it’s hanging out a little bit. They’re even done to death on a Honda Civic and a Accord. I'm just sick of them.

Told you...

Thankfully, they’re not nearly as common today as they were a few years back.

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