Crown's Custom Crown

Jun 16, 2010

Seriously, I wanted to ID him cause he looks young. Like "this is my first car" young, but he can customize a car. Check out how Crown customizes his Crown... Victoria. I should have asked him where does the Becky comes in, and I'm guessing he likes snakes.

Now, I'm walking around Stuntfest and I see this car with fluorescent lights in the trunk. I had to talk to the dude who owns it.

You know, I can't even find anything to say that could have been done... Like there's nothing to point out. Let us watch the tour of the car...

You know, I need that automatic trunk opener for the 'Voy. But I'm waiting to see how the next guy will try and top this Crown. I mean, you can do everything that Crown did and just add suicide doors. Sadly that is an idea, but you'll get laughed at for biting another one's style. And I'll be the one screaming on camera, "I've seen that before".

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