Vibe Ride and Drive Motored By Mini Event

Jun 14, 2010

So by the powers that be, actually his name is Bem, I was invited to come out to an event that was sponsored by both Vibe Magazine and Mini Cooper. The event was held at 595 North, which is in Midtown Atlanta (more specifically, if you watch the Real Housewives of Atlanta, it was the same location where Lisa held her fashion show).

At the event, they had food, drinks (open bar!!!), two barbers that were providing free hair cuts, music, prize giveaways, and of course, the only reason why I would post about the event on this blog is the test drive. Sadly, once I got there, the test drive list was too long to allow for anyone else to test drive. And just my luck, it was the type of test drive I would love: Just me by myself. Maybe it was best because I would have driven all over Atlanta.

(At first glance you would think the car was real, but it's really a shell. I thought it was real, but then again, that's why I wear glasses)

Quick run through of the Mini Cooper. I'll talk about the convertible since I pictured it all around this part of the post...

145.6 inches long, 66.3 inches wide, and standing tall at 55.4 inches. 1.6 L, 4 Cylinder (automatic or manual) Engine, with 118 horsepower. The wheelbase is only 97.1 inches (good luck fittin some 20s on there.) Top speed is 120 mph and it'll go 0-60 mph in 10.2 seconds. Gas wise: 25 mpg city and 33 mpg highway.

But I did get photos of the event and asked some test drivers what did they think of the vehicle.

(It was a pure coincidence that he had on a Yankees hat. Yeah right, you know whose site this is.)

Maybe one day I'll get my chance of test driving a Mini Cooper, I'll probably have to show up to Global Imports Mini in Atlanta unannounced. I hope they have a black automatic convertible...

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