Fred's 1947 Chevy Stylemaster

Jun 10, 2010

I still have interviews from the D&D Kustoms Car Show, but this car that Fred was showing off isn't exactly a common car. But you definitely have to give him credit because there's only two ways to stand out at a car show: either show up with a common car with the customizations exceeding the MSRP times 10, or show up with a customized rare car. Fred went with option number two... Check it out...

You know that's a security camera. I need one of those for when dudes start following me...

Fred has a lot of photos of his car... Here's the video.

And he has two of these... I wonder if he named it, like a really old name like Ethel. If you say Bernadette, I'll smack you. I already know my name is old...

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