Top 10 Driving Mistakes that people make… Part II

May 21, 2010

So part one was yesterday, and if you missed it, click here to go back to Top 10 Driving Mistakes That People Make... Part I

  • Not letting other cars mergeHas Bernie been guilty of this??? Yes, because if they drove slow when you were several cars behind them, chances are if you get them get in front of you, they’ll drive at that same slow speed.

  • Honking at Traffic Lights. Has Bernie been guilty of this??? No, because it’s dumb. Honking at the lights will not make it change any faster.

  • Sharing Your Music. What’s worse is when guys are blasting Rihanna, Beyonce, Chaka Khan, anyone along those lines. Or two, when guys have crappy sound systems and you hear their trunk rattling. Has Bernie been guilty of this??? Yes because I still have that CD of old school TV theme songs that I do play, as well as songs like bad 80’s songs like “Sweet Dreams” (The Eurthymics) and “Tainted Love”. I get strange looks like “why is she listening to that”. What, you thought I listen to Jay-Z all the time.

  • Not Cleaning Your Car In The Winter. If you don’t clean your car off in the winter, the snow flies off and hits other folks cars. Plus it adds weight to your vehicle, which means it has to work a little harder. Has Bernie done this: Whenever I’m driving in the NY in the winter, and that is once in a blue moon.

  • Finally: Not using your turn signals. Has Bernie been guilty of this??? No because it gets on my nerves when people don’t use theirs, thus causing me having to use my horn to point out others mistakes.

And there you have it. And honestly, I’ve been guilty of 5.5 out of 10. The whole "Not cleaning your car in the winter" thing counts only as a half since Atlanta doesn't get measureable snow.

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