I guess LaLa couldn't unload the keys to her Range....

May 14, 2010

I'd figured this because Vibe Magazine followed her around for the day, which means they photographed her...

... hopping out the Range Rover. Now I'm a fan of customized vehicles, and we know that a certain rapper from Harlem did have a pink Rover before she did. What bothered me is that shade of pink. I'm not a pink girl, but if one does decide to paint a vehicle pink, I would suggest a lighter shade, instead of a darker, fluorescent color.

Let's talk customizations, shall we...

  • This 2006 Range Rover Sport was painted "LaLa Pink" which was customized just for her by Sherwin Williams.
  • 22" Chrome DUB wheels (I would have color-matched the wheels. Might as well go all the way.)
  • Custom upholstery with microphones stitched in
  • All wood paneling removed and replaced with suede
  • A technology ride system was installed
  • JL audio speakers which match the factory watts level that originally came on the SUV
  • $10,000 STRUT Grill
  • Two different manifolds on the exhaust to give it a growl sound
  • LaLa's name is stamped on the back of the vehicle
Originally, she wanted to auction it off last year on ebay with the starting bid at $25,000. Is it me, or was that starting out bid a little cheap for a 3 year old customized Range with low miles (24,000 at the time of the auction). According to LaLa she said that “I want to get something different and I want somebody else to enjoy the car the way I did and get all the attention in the world and be the coolest person in the world because nobody else has a hot pink Range Rover.” Apparently she hasn't caught up with Cam'ron in a hot minute...

Honestly, I'm more of a fan of Paris Hilton's Pink Bentley. It's a lighter pink, but pink isn't exactly a common color that you would purchase a vehicle in. Orange is more common, even Doo-Doo Brown is, but hot pink...

Watch Capone Kustoms on YouTube as they break it down...

I know Carmelo doesn't drive this....

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