Top 10 Driving Mistakes that people make… Part I

May 20, 2010

And that does include Bernie. I’ll admit to my mistakes but this top 10 list I found is very interesting.

According to the guys (at least I hope it’s guys running that site) at Ask, this is their top 10 driving mistakes in no particular order.

  • “Nudging Pedestrians”, which means blowing at them so they can hurry up, while crossing the road. First question: Where do they do that??? After living in NY and Atlanta, I’ve never seen that. You have to have serious road rage to do that. Has Bernie been guilty of this: No!!!! It breaks my heart seeing old people trying to run across the street.

  • Tailgating. Has Bernie ever done this: Yes because it burns my very soul on fire when someone is so quick to jump in front of me and drive 10 mph slower than the speed limit.

  • Speaking of which, Driving Slowly. Has Bernie been guilty of this? Yes, when the cops are around, in crappy weather conditions, and in school zones/parking lots. Any other times, forget it.

  • Double Parking: If you live in Atlanta, think of Peters Street in Castleberry Hill. Has Bernie ever done this?? No, Double Parking is just laziness.

  • Leaving Your Brights On. Has Bernie been guilty of this?? Yes, only when a car decides to cut me off at night. Then I decide to keep up with them, with my brights on. Hey, it’s more effective than screaming at them.

Part II is coming tomorrow... I won't leave you'se hanging.

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