Part 2 of Wrecked Exotics fiasco, and the poor Bentleys on them...

May 19, 2010

I already stated how I felt in Part 1 so there’s no need in my repeating what I said. Cause I still stand by what I said.

The first part had to do with a vehicle that is virtually impossible, at least I thought, to total: The Hummer H2..

Part two I’m gonna touch on the car company that makes my dream car. Yes, I’m gonna talk about Bentleys. Not just the Bentley Continentals (My favorite), but the Bentley Arnage, Azure, anything from that line that people have messed up… But in this post, I’ll leave the Russians alone. But check out the Bentleys section on the Wrecked Exotics site cause FOR ONCE, there quite a few stories where the owners weren’t at fault. Just because I said that there were a lot of stories where the owners weren’t at fault, I found some where the owners proved that common sense is still a rarity in people’s traits.

Judging by the stories, I only feel bad for one person’s Bentley, which will be the first one…

I feel sorry for this one because this was done during the "pre-delivery inspection". So that means that the owner didn't get to burn rubber in it. And that sucks…

Now all the other ones, you know the owner was at fault, except for this next one.

I still say the owner is at fault for being stupid enough to loan out his car to his brother, especially this kind of car. So the owner’s brother was perpetrating like this car was his and did a spin out in the greatest city to stunt in, New York. Of course, he failed Spin Out 101 and slammed into a light pole. The car was drivable, but who wants to drive a dented Bentley…

Let’s keep it in New York for awhile. As much as I love NY, there are stupid people who live there…

This is what happens when you don’t carefully plan who you’re going to cut off. If you’re a skilled enough driver (very few by the way), and you’re smart enough to plan your maneuvers through traffic, the more exotic the vehicle, the more you plan.

But honestly, Midtown Manhattan would be the LAST place I would cut someone off in a car. I wouldn’t even drive in Midtown, cause walking is a lot less stressful.

I’m not going to even comment, just click on the photo to see. This was heartbreaking, but you know I only care about the car because the idiot of a driver is at fault.

This Bentley is just as bad as the black one. Seriously, if I had this car, this would be the last thing I would do to it.

How fast do you have to go to slam into a guardrail and only damage the side and knock out the glass. The front bumper is okay, except for the piece missing from the grille.

For the grand finale…

I honestly hope that the driver didn’t actually try to get this fixed. If there’s over $115,000 in damages to the car, then you might as well buy a new one. I don’t think the Queen is gonna like that one, but I guess that’s how the Brits get down.

Tally Ho…

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