Revisiting Kim Kardashian's Serious "Kar" Game, Part I

May 12, 2010

Just by looking at her, you wouldn't think her car game would be that serious. But it is... When Keeping Up With the Kardashians first started, she drove a white 2007 Range Rover Sport Supercharged. Let's talk specs real quick cause I really like this SUV.

510 horsepower LR-V8 5.0-liter supercharged Engine, with 6-speed automatic transmission. (I'm bad with my 275 that the 'Voy gives me, imagine what I can do with 510...)
0-60 in 7.2 seconds
Top Speed- 140 mph
Fuel- 12/18 mpg
Body- Length: 195.7 inches Width: 80.1 inches Height: 73.4 inches
Wheelbase- 113.3 in

MSRP- $95,000

Kim’s customizations were gifts for hosting a “House of Hype” Grammy party where Platinum Motorsport, Strut and JL Audio were sponsors of the event. They used her Rover as a display piece at the event. Lucky her...

This is what she had done
Changed the black "Range Rover" lettering to pink
Added a Strut Grille Package, in which the Grille was painted white with pink accents.
The wheels are 24×10-inch Platinum PT1s laced with Cooper Zeon XST 295/35R24 tires with pink “princess” logos on the wheel’s center caps, pink emblems and color matched pink Brembo brake calipers.
Platinum Motorsports also provided Kim’s pink Range with a fully customized exhaust system

In the back, the audio system boasts two JL Audio 500/1 and one 300/4 amps, two 12-inch W6-V2 subwoofers, and two pairs of 6.5-inch component speakers.

It was Kim's idea to have the pink added to her Range Rover because she was tired of people asking if she was driving her boyfriend’s car and not hers. “I’ve always had the coolest cars, which sometimes seems like a guy should be driving them,” she says. “I wanted a car no boy would ever want to drive and for people to know a girl is driving such a cool car."

I wished she would have taken it a step further and do the interior as well instead of leaving it the factory black and white... C'est La Vie.

But she auctioned it off on Ebay along with some of her clothing. And she replaced this SUV for a Black Bentley Continental GTC and a Black Range Rover, which will be explored later...

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