If You Can Drive in Atlanta, Then You Can ALMOST Drive Anywhere.

May 18, 2010

Photo by, ME!!!

I say almost because seeing how I’ve never ventured out onto the West Coast, so I can’t comment about LA. There’s a lot of Atlantians that I can guarantee that can’t handle BIG city driving (New York)

Driving in Atlanta sucks. And this is coming from a person who loves to drive. If you’ve read articles about Atlanta traffic, you know that in the last 10 years, A LOT OF PEOPLE moved to Atlanta. And by a lot, I do mean over a million people, including me.

This is why it sucks and I’m breaking it down by using geographical logic. Atlanta is made up of mostly Fulton County, a little DeKalb County, and a little bit of Clayton County, and THAT’S IT!!!.

Let’s add the bad drivers: those who “think they live in Atlanta” and they really don’t, like the rest of Fulton (Alpharetta), DeKalb (Stone Mountain/Lithonia), and Clayton (Riverdale) Counties, and all of Gwinnett (Duluth), Douglas (Douglasville), and Cobb (Marietta/Roswell) Counties. Ladies and Gentlemen: If your mailing address does not say “Atlanta GA” on it, you DO NOT live in Atlanta. You live close to it, major difference. And you’re also the culprit behind rush hour traffic, because rush hour traffic always originates in Cobb and (especially) Gwinnett Counties and it backs all the way into Atlanta.

Now for the worst drivers: Those with out-of-county plates (Cars from parts of Georgia that doesn’t matter), and those with out of state plates. Tennessee, Alabama, and South Carolina, and Florida isn’t far from Atlanta. You can make it there in less than two hours (Trust me, I know). Then you get the folks who are just passing through to go through: like people on their way to Florida, and they’re from states that I forget that they even exist.

So you get all these people driving on 75, 85, 20, and 285, and the minority are those who can handle big city driving.

And that’s why if you can drive in Atlanta, you can almost drive anywhere, except for Gwinnett County drivers… They just can’t drive, period.

I wonder is Kasim Reed has this problem… And doesn't it feel good to vent...

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