Isn't This Custom Avalanche Hot???

May 28, 2010

So I'm still at the D&D Kustoms car show and I came across this 2005 Chevy Avalanche, and it belongs to David. So David was like "Come get your photos", real sweet guy. So after I took the photos, I asked him if I could interview him about it. He was all bashful and shy, and the ironic thing about it is that he gave a great interview. I didn't have to coach him through it or anything. The reason why he did so well was because he was able to talk about something he loved: His 2005 Red Chevy Avalanche.

Check out the photos, followed by the interview.

Note: Yes there's TV's on the front AND on the back of the headrests. THAT I've NEVER seen before.

David has a sick attention to detail. I need to ask him what's next...

P.S. Chevy Avalanches and Cadillac Escalade EXTs are virtually the same thing. And if you sit here and tell me that the difference is two horsepower, just log off of this site. Oh and Cadillac Escalade EXTs sells the least within the Escalade family.

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