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May 10, 2010

It took me a minute to concoct this post cause I had to play both mixtapes in the 'Voy. I'm a firm believer of "Don't talk about stuff you know nothing about." I finally played them, and I'm gonna give reviews to two good mixtapes and which one I think is the better of the two.

So DJ Don Cannon and Young Jeezy teamed up for Trap or Die 2. It was alright, nothing to wet my pants over. The tracks Bernie liked the most would be Track 2 (Trap Or Die Reloaded), Track 4 (Insane), Track 6 (Camaro) (Note: Jeezy has a black 2010 one. Don't tell him I told you that), and my personal favorite: Track 21 (Da Greatest). I didn't include Track 7 (Lose My Mind, feat. Plies) because that song was ALREADY out, months before the mixtape came. I believe he debuted the song when he was on tour with the greatest rapper alive (Yeah, I said it, and what you gonna do about it)

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Now for round 2...

So the DJ with a million nicknames (DJ Drama) teamed up with two New Yorkers: DJ Green Lantern and my favorite, Jadakiss. 'Kiss is a sweetheart, and I know he doesn't care what I think, but I'm gonna say it anyway. This mixtape "The Champ Is Here 3" edges out "Trap Or Die 2", and here's why.

Personally I think there's more songs that I like off of 'Kiss's mixtape vs. Jeezy's. Nothing personal towards Jeezy, and it's not a whole "cause 'Kiss is from NY type deal", but it's a better mixtape. It ain't the greatest mixtape, but it's better than "Trap Or Die 2" and before "The Champ Is Here 3", the last good mixtape I heard was "A Year and A Day" (What up, MLK). Plus I like it when he goes back and forth with Styles P on songs.

Two, there's been more positive reviews from other folks for "The Champ Is Here". Twitter is a powerful tool.

Bernie's personal favorite track is Track 11 "She Likes Me" which features Nicki Minaj. But Track 4 (Still Hatin), Track 15 (They Don't Know), Track 16 (Allergic To Losing) are worth paying attention to. I'm a sucker for those who can freestyle over a popular beat and not bite the flow of it, like Track 10, which is "Who Shot Ya". Many people have done freestyles over Who Shot Ya, but used Biggie's flow and changed the wording. 'Kiss didn't do that... And he didn't have Puffy in the background screaming "As we proceed..."

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You decide, I included mixtape players for both of them. Then again, what do I know...

P.S. is the greatest... and I don't even know who runs it.

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