Recapping 2010 Dub Car Show In Memphis

Apr 23, 2010

First things first, who ever inforces the rules/laws at the Cook Convention Center in Downtown Memphis needs to be FIRED and this is why. Why would you come up with a stupid law about how you're not allowing cameras with lenses longer than three inches?!?!?!?!? Then I have to fight with security just to get in, and THEN you'se didn't run that dumb, IGNORANT rule by the folks at Dub. HOW IS IT HARDER TO COVER THE DUB CAR SHOW IN MEMPHIS, A MUCH SMALLER CITY, THAN IT IS TO COVER THE DUB CAR SHOW IN ATLANTA, WHICH IS CONSIDERED A MAJOR CITY. To the "City" (and I use that term very loosely) of Memphis, get your stuff together and I'mma need you to do better.

Sorry, but I did get very New York to get into the car show. But I wanted to go to Memphis to see how they do things, meaning their style of customizing cars. I did find a car that made my eyes twinkle, and the car will get it's own separate post, but now it's time for me to pick the cars apart.

The Bubble Starbust Chevy Impala...

Loved it!!!! Love the graphics, love the interior.

The doors were locked, but I understand why because there were a lot of kids there and with kids brings fingerprints, dirty hands, and messing this up. I think that the owner could have: A: Been nearby so I could have asked him some questions about it, and B: Color match the 24s. Take it a step further. Just sayin...

I hope Otis Jackson's platform is to rid Memphis of it's ignorant laws like the length of lens that you bring into the Cook Convention Center. I'm over it.

The Purple and Black Chevy Avalanche.

Love how the graphics of the truck continue into the grille. But what I didn't like is how the interior could have used some more work. Yeah, it has the purple ostrich seats with black suede inserts, but what about the dashboard and the center console, and the poor lonely chrome 26 inch Street Spin Wheels. And again, where was the owner???

The GMC Yukon with the 30 inch wheels in which I have to get a running start to land on the running boards.

I'm all for it when people customize their vehicles in honor of their favorite sports team. Of course, I'm not into Pittsburgh anything. Don't blame me, some of the Western Commonwealth Folks don't act right, and like I stated earlier in this post, I don't reward ignorance. So, so true.

Will had a heavy presence there. Tennessee is the home of Dewayne Robertson of the New York Jets, more specifically Orange Mound, Memphis. So Dewayne loves his neighborhood and decided to paint every single one of his vehicles Orange. How do I know this??? Because most of his vehicles have been on Unique Whips and has been done by Will Castro. Like this one...

And I know Will did it because look at the emblem on the Grille...

Finally, the second runner up, that gave me short-term sparkle... The Chrysler 300 SRT-8.

Lexani wheels with Lexani written on the lip.

Color matched grille, color matched engine performance options, halogen blue lights, subtile body kit, everything was perfect, except for one thing. The owner was no where to be found.

Louisville loves Pirelli Tires, South Georgia/Northern Florida loves Dub Wheels, and Memphis loves to customize their vehicles and then abandon them at car shows. But the person who customized my favorite vehicle at the show stayed by his Lexus and I could see why. Coming soon is the Pink Lexus that I'm sure Cam'ron would have borrowed in 2005.

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