Khloe Kardashian Would Rock a Carstache...

Apr 29, 2010

(Photo by Khloe Kardashian)

So I was browsing Khloe Kardashian's blog (Like you guys don't keep up with the Kardashians), and I came across this.

As if there's not enough ways to customize your car, there's now the Carstache... Brace yourself, let me continue. According to the Carstache website, Carstache™ is the global leader in car mustaches, delivering the industry’s most luxurious in automotive facial hair.

(Photo by Carstache)

We made Carstache™ purely because we think it’s funny and it makes people smile. No other reason. When people see a Carstache™ on the streets they laugh, wave, thumbs-up, fist pump (Shout outs to New Jersey), gun flex, wink wink, kiss kiss, you name it.

Of course, Carstache is located in California. And they come in five glorious colors: Wisdom Grey (for the old timer in your life), Legendary Blond, So Hot Pink, Classic Black, and Firestache Orange.

(Photo by Carstache)

Carstaches can be purchased online for $39 at, and I'm sure Carstache will be sending Khloe a free one. She says she wants a hot pink one, but that would not match her Range...

Now, I'm not sure if they thought of this yet, but they should send promo ones to some car enthusiasts: like T.I., Snoop Dogg, Tony Stewart, Funkmaster Flex, etc. Just seeing their faces with a Carstache attached to their vehicles would be HILARIOUS!!!!!

Will Carstache be at Sema in November???

Would I put a Carstache on the 'Voy??? As eccentric as I am, I'm still going to say no. But I find the concept hilariously intriguing. If bugs get stuck in it, it'll look like when guys leave food in their mustache.

P.S. Khloe, please get one for Bruce for Father's Day...

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